Boys hair Cut Pictures – Crochet and Cornrow Styles

You can try different crochet and cornrow styles. Some of these styles are made with special crochet material and do not require any sewing or extensions. They are easy to apply and look great! Here are some of the most popular ones: braided twist locs and cornrows. If you want to add a little texture to that, you can also try Marley hair. It is easy to achieve these styles with natural hair!

Beautiful Tresses With Crochet and Cornrow Styles


You can achieve beautiful tresses with crochet and cornrow styles in just a couple of hours. You can create a stylish and trendy fusion with that. You can add braids to reinforce the edges and weak hair. You can even use a comb to pull the braids. Once you have successfully created your own style, you can add synthetic braids to a chignon or a bob.