Cornrow Hairstyles 2019

Cornrow Hairstyles 2019 offers stunning protective styles sure to catch the attention of passers-by. These beautiful styles showcase natural beauty while emphasizing textured strands.

Step up your cornrow game with this gorgeous style inspired by Danai Gurira’s Oscars look. This chic cornrow braid hairstyle boasts an intelligent design, perfect for pairing with any look!

Afro Bun

The Afro Bun is a stylish protective style. Ideal for both gym time and formal events, pin your hair back into a high bun using bobby pins or ribbon. Add sparkle with additional hair accessories, and it’s time to show off those gorgeous locks!

If your puff is becoming monotonous, add some flair. Try designing it to give it an unexpected new look; adding beads or a crown may give it an extra dimension. For something truly different, try Fulani braids (passion twists): These braids combine cornrows and box braids into one stylish option, which can be worn with or without beads for an eye-catching appearance.


Khloe Kardashian looks stunning in every outfit, but this particular look showcases the power of beads. Her lilac cornrow accent braids feature gold beads for an eye-catching maximalist aesthetic.

This look combines the elegance of a milkmaid braid with the versatility of beaded cornrows for an unforgettable look, ideal for special events. It can even be accessorized with accessories like flower crowns to complete its appeal.

Add some flair to your regular box braids without too much work or fuss – ideal if wearing them for work or school! Easy to achieve and looks chic and fresh. Just remember to keep strands moisturized to prevent dryness or frizziness!

Afro Braids

One of the top braid styles for natural hair, this unique look combines chunky and thin plaits into an eye-catching style. Alternating parts add texture and dimension, making this braid hairstyle even more exciting than regular plaits.

Goddess braids are an elegant variation on classic cornrows that look stunning when worn and swept sideways.

This cute braided afro is the ideal way to showcase your culture in an eye-catching fashion. From its chic crown and golden accent beads, this hairstyle makes an impressionful statement about who you are – perfect for an informal brunch gathering or professional interview!

Crown Braids

Crown braids are an incredible way to give your locks an eye-catching style. Ideal for showing off individuality and creating stunning styles, crown braids can provide any individual hairstyle with an instant upgrade that looks incredible.

Create a center part using a rattail comb to achieve the stunning braid crown look. Next, French braid from the nape of the neck toward your ear in French style until pinning it back and teasing or crimping to add volume.

This crown braid hairstyle combines two knits connected by yarn to form an interconnected mesh for an eye-catching braid to draw all eyes toward you.

Double Buns

Buns tucked beneath your crown will give your look an adorable, sophisticated appeal, with or without fringe, to complete the style for casual or professional situations.

This hairstyle takes the classic two-buns look and amps it by adding an eye-catching zigzag pattern on the crown. Perfect for today’s modern woman, this look will stand out in any crowd.

Your low buns can benefit from adding some texture. To do so, part your hair down the middle and braid at your scalp; once complete, take any remaining strands and wrap them loosely into a loose ponytail.

Undercut Braids

Cornrows allow you to bring baby hairs into the spotlight and highlight them. Slick your locks down into sleek swoops, or leave them as is for a romantic look.

Beads are a fantastic way to add flair and interest to braids. Instagrammer @popsmokebraids made this style, known as pop smoke braids, featuring accent beads and cowrie shells, transforming this simple cornrow into an eye-catching work of art.

This stunning style transforms ordinary Afro braids into something truly exquisite. The zigzag pattern of cornrows and fade on both sides of the head draw attention to this lovely style.