Protective Cornrow and Box Braids Hairstyles

Cornrow and Box Braids

Cornrow and box braids are two fantastic protective hairstyles. You can experiment with various styles, braid patterns, and colors to create unique looks – adding beads or gold cuffs can complete your look perfectly!

Small Blonde Box Braids

Small blonde box braids make an eye-catching protective style that exudes royalty and drama. Pair this look with bold makeup and red lipstick to channel Cleopatra herself instantly!

Blonde Cornrow Style

A classic blonde cornrow style is feminine, soft, and stylish – perfect for any special occasion or casual affair! Wear yours in a low bun, or ponytail, or allow it to cascade down your back – platinum blonde hue highlights natural beauty while braids add an air of sexiness that completes this timeless look.

Bold Shades for Cornrows

If you want your cornrows to stand out, try incorporating bold shades like blue or green for an eye-catching statement. Or opt for more subdued hues, like gray, to achieve the same result.

Incorporating Gold Accents

If you love gold accents, consider incorporating them into your hairstyle to showcase them and show off your taste in jewelry. Braid in some beads for an African feel, or add more decorative pieces if possible.

Daring Blue Cornrows

For an eye-catching twist in cornrows, try this daring blue style with its stunning ombre effect and easy view of braid details. Additionally, choose vibrant hues like pink, purple, or even green for an additional splash of color – ideal for anyone who loves bold fashion statements through their hair! This look will leave an unforgettable impression!

Protective Goddess Braid Style

Make a statement with your cornrows by styling them into a protective goddess braid style. This look is ideal for women who desire an eye-catching yet low-maintenance style that will draw compliments wherever they go. To accomplish this look, add gold cuffs to your cornrows before finishing it off with beads or charms to complete this look.

Gray Cornrow Braid

Opt for a gray cornrow braid with subtle sparkle if you prefer classic looks. Add gold cuffs and hair accessories for an eye-catching accent! This look is ideal for women looking to show their beauty through simple yet elegant attire.

Gray Cornrows with Blue Accents

Alternatively, add vibrant blue accents to make your gray cornrows stand out. This bold hue will draw more attention to you and bring out your eyes while drawing attention away from other parts of your face – perfect for an evening event or day on the town!

Combining Gray Cornrows with Crochet Braids

Combine gray cornrows with crochet braiding Marley twists for an eye-catching dual ponytail and high bun look that is both fashionable and functional – it pairs perfectly with various makeup looks.

Jumbo Cornrows

Larger braids are ideal for creating an eye-catching style. In this look, jumbo cornrows are woven into a high crown featuring gold cuffs to add elegance and uniqueness. This style makes an eye-catching statement on special occasions or when wearing thick natural locks.

Embellishing Jumbo Cornrows

For an eye-catching combination of style and self-expression, experiment with embellishing your jumbo cornrows with beads or braid charms for an eye-catching statement piece that showcases both. Also, experiment with different textures; pair jumbo cornrows with more minor twists or mini cornrows to make striking patterns showing your creativity and individuality.

Ponytail with Cornrow Braids

A ponytail to cornrow braids adds height, making them flattering on most facial structures. You can create low or high ponytails depending on your preference and hair length, making this protective hairstyle suitable for everyday wear.

Turban Cornrows

If you love turbans and cornrows, give this style a try! Turban cornrows pair nicely with any outfit, while the braided hairstyle provides maximum comfort.

Small Cornrows

Small cornrows take more time and care to create, but their adorable appeal and low maintenance requirements make the effort worthwhile. Small cornrows are perfect for those with limited time available but still desire gorgeous styles in their hair.