The Corners of Hair Receding

The hairline starts to recede, it can be a sign of balding. The corners above the temples are usually the first areas where hair begins to recede, creating an M-shape or widow’s peak hairline pattern. Fortunately, treatments like Rogaine can help slow down or even reverse this trend.

The V-Shape

As time goes on, the corners of the widow’s peak hairline may become slightly receded, creating an aged hairline. This is normal and doesn’t indicate hair loss. In some cases, it may be a sign of an autoimmune disease called frontal fibrosing alopecia, which affects some women.

A widow’s peak is a hairline pattern characterized by a downward point on the forehead that sits higher in the center than on the sides. It is often a hereditary trait and is named after the mourning headpieces worn by widows.

Widow’s peaks may evolve into receding hairlines as the recession becomes more noticeable. A receding hairline usually retreats unevenly, with the temple areas experiencing more recession than the hairline further back. On the other hand, mature hairlines tend to recede evenly, making changes harder to notice until they are quite apparent.

The Widow’s Peak

A widow’s peak may appear as a subtle protrusion in an otherwise straight hairline or become more prominent and recede towards the temples. Some individuals may not realize they have a natural widow’s peak until they try to style their hair and it becomes noticeable.

People born with natural widow’s peaks may see them become more pronounced as they age. This process, known as maturation, typically manifests with less distinct and farther back peaks. Actor John Travolta is an excellent example of this effect, as over the years, he has had a prominent widow’s peak that has recently receded slightly.

The Neckline

Recession in the necklines typically starts between the temples and moves back across the top of the scalp, creating a widow’s peak-shaped area of skin covered by hair strands.

Receding necklines involve the reduction of actual hair follicles on the front of the scalp, making it harder to reverse than thinning. However, treatment options such as minoxidil or drugs like finasteride are available today, which may help treat and possibly reverse receding necklines.

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