Copper hair on Dark Skin

Copper has quickly become the go-to hue this season (and possibly year). Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney are seen sporting it, so if you want to try it for yourself, use a sulfate-free, color-protecting shampoo, and conditioner to maintain its vibrant shade.

Professional copper haircare services ensure the perfect shade to complement each skin tone, from olive to dark complexions, while light neutral tones suit more peach styles.

Dark Copper

Copper reds work particularly well on dark skin tones, as this fiery hue offers the ideal balance of warm and cool undertones. Additionally, deep copper shades define your locks and enable more extended periods between touch-ups.

If you want to experiment with copper hues but are uncertain how far to take it, ask your stylist to use balayage techniques that combine brown and orange highlights for a soft feminine look. These styles allow anyone who wishes to explore copper without taking drastic leaps.

If you’re a brunette looking to add copper hues, opt for a burnt orange shade with light peach highlights – this will produce an impressive copper color that will illuminate your features and highlight them beautifully.

Medium Copper

Copper reds are ideal for olive skin tones, helping warm up the complexion and highlighting green or blue eyes. Be prepared to refresh this hue approximately every six to eight weeks to maintain its vibrancy.

Are you ready to make a bold statement? Try this fiery orange copper ombre. This style is ideal for brunettes who want an introduction to a vibrant copper hue without ultimately going red. Ask your stylist to add hot pink peekaboo highlights underneath for added pop!

This natural copper and red balayage melt looks exquisite on medium hair. To maintain its vibrancy, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo explicitly designed for colored hair and visit your colorist regularly for touch-ups. It pairs nicely with warm skin tones and curlier textures; pair it with flip-out bangs for an eye-catching yet playful style!

Light Copper

Alex suggests opting for copper that leans golden instead of red for those with lighter skin or cool complexions. Copper shades with golden tones will “brighten up your complexion while complementing the warmth of light or fair skin,” as per Issa Rae from Insecure Fame’s soft copper wash balayage look.

If your hair naturally features orange tones, try opting for an eye-catching shade of copper. Add an unexpected element with an intense burnt orange copper hue with subtle red undertones for a pop of color – and even try it as an eye-catching highlight to bring out warm tones in your skin tone.

You can achieve this shade if you have brown hair, though lightening it first may be necessary. “To protect the essential oils found within the scalp,” suggests Richards. Additionally, use cold or cool water instead of scalding hot water to rinse, which could result in dryness or dullness to your strands.

Dark Ginger

Countless shades of red hair complement dark skin tones, but none stand out, like deep auburn with coppery undertones. This bold hue offers the chance to experiment with bold hues without too much risk or commitment; try deep auburn with coppery undertones today, and let it make you shine!

If you want something subtler but eye-catching, try opting for an orange-red shade that’s less eye-catching but still eye-catching – one which works exceptionally well on warm complexions and with beach curls. This option works particularly well in conjunction with warm foundation colors.

Light blue-purple is another fantastic hair color choice for dark skin tones that’s ideal for exploring more dramatic looks without leaping all-over change. Wear this eye-catching color combination with your bob haircut for an effortlessly Parisian style!