Copper Hair Color 2020

Copper hair color can be bold, yet still stunning if chosen wisely. Layers with light balayage are the best way to incorporate copper hues. This look can grow out naturally with soft regrowth lines for low maintenance needs; visit the salon as needed for touch-ups.

Deep Ginger with Bright Copper

This vibrant shade combines deep ginger red with golden copper for an eye-catching and lively effect, perfect for girls with ashen skin who wish to brighten their complexion. Just be sure that you always wear blush to avoid looking washed out!

Long Wavy Ginger Hair with Rich Copper Highlights

Long wavy ginger hair enhanced with rich copper highlights is an exquisite way to showcase this fiery hue. For this girl, her colorist utilized an intricate balayage technique that seamlessly blended various hues ranging from a dark brown shade on top down to fair golden copper on the bottom.

Light Copper Ombre

Light copper ombre is another exciting way to wear this trending hue. In this luxurious ombre, peach blonde shades combine with ginger and orange for a soft yet pretty color solution that works beautifully on warm skin tones and adds volume and dimension to thinner locks.

Red with Copper

Bright copper tones are perfect for lighter complexions, making your green eyes pop out against their background. However, red and orange hair colors tend to fade quickly, requiring you to refresh every 4-6 weeks to keep it vibrant. Suppose commitment-phobes want an alternative option that will only wash out or fade slowly; highlighting may be a better way of going about things. In that case, semi-permanent colors do not penetrate your cuticle and are less likely to quickly wash out or fade out.

Auburn to Copper Balayage

An auburn to copper balayage looks beautiful on any hair length, though medium to long locks seem particularly striking with this dramatic multidimensional effect. It will capture everyone’s eye!

Dark Copper Shades

Dark copper shades look fantastic on all skin tones, particularly cool complexions. Your stylist will lighten your hair before applying copper color, so trusting their expertise is essential! Ensure you use a quality shampoo that won’t strip away the paint while protecting against fade and humidity. We Are Paradoxx Detox Dry Shampoo is ideal, featuring activated charcoal and kaolin clay, which help prevent flat or greasy locks!

Bright Copper with Ginger

Precious metals have taken the hair world by storm this season, and copper stands out as one of the most beautiful hues. From deep and rich to light and shimmery hues, copper hues look gorgeous when applied to any hair length and are particularly flattering on light skin tones but can work for all complexions.

Copper Balayage

Copper balayage adds depth to your locks! Perfect for anyone wanting an additional splash of color without bleaching. Use sulfate-free shampoo and heat-protectant leave-in for maximum vibrancy, and book with your stylist every six to eight weeks for maximum freshness!

Shadow Roots

Shadow roots can add depth and dimension to a bold copper hair color while reducing salon visits for touch-ups. This technique will make your copper locks appear more natural, and less brassy. For an enhanced finish, try switching over to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner products for the best results.

Coppery-Red with Ginger

If you’re a natural blonde, adding a hint of copper will instantly brighten your complexion. Not only is copper an eye-catching color, but its care is also easy – wash or use balayage to add it to highlights or your entire head of hair! Zendaya proved this by sporting soft strawberry and copper locks, while Issa Rae showed off an eye-catching burnt copper hue that perfectly complemented her complexion.

Copper tones fade faster than others, so touch-ups may be necessary more frequently to keep your locks vibrant. Richards suggests asking your stylist about color-protective shampoo such as Davines Nou Nou that will extend the lifespan of red strands. You could also invest in Ouai’s Heat Protection Mask ($28) to keep locks looking their best between salon visits.