Copper Hair Color Chart

Copper shades for fair skin tones

To enhance green or blue eyes, copper shades are perfect for fair skin tones. Using sulfate-free hair colors with color-depositing formulas for vibrant copper tones is recommended. Rebook every six to eight weeks for best results.

Reading a hair color chart

Knowing how to read a hair color chart is valuable when trying new shades. Double number tones indicate intensified versions, such as Garnier Olia’s dark garnet red shade at 4.62.

Orange Copper for Coachella vibes

Copper hues can provide a subtle Coachella vibe without being too bright. A mauve cinnamon copper blend pairs beautifully with fair skin and long, lush, curly, or straight locks. It looks fantastic with bangs!

Warmer copper tones for olive and dark complexions

Warmer copper tones go well with olive and dark complexions. A fiery auburn to copper melt is perfect for medium-length hair with cool skin. It features golden ginger highlights with dark copper highlights for an eye-catching combination.

Less daring option: orange-brown shade

Try an orange-brown shade resembling autumn sunsets for a less daring option. Ask your stylist to add hints of it throughout your locks. Wear it loose with loose waves for a stunning fall look. This hue fades well and requires minimal upkeep.

Dark Red Copper for Fall

Dark copper hair blends red and orange, making it ideal for Fall. It looks great with cool skin tones, blue eyes, and green eyes. Maintain its vibrancy with products like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics shampoo.

Dramatic and moody smoky and earthy copper shade

Try a smoky and earthy copper shade for a dramatic and moody look. It is perfect for olive or tan complexions as it complements warmth from the skin tone.

Warm chocolate brown base with golden and red tones

Fall is the perfect season for copper tones. The warm chocolate brown base with golden and red tones creates a breathtaking dimensional effect, especially with long cascading curls. Request a tap root from your stylist and touch-up appointments every six to eight weeks to deepen the hue.

Dark Copper Ombre for a subtle copper color

Try an orange-to-red ombre rust hue if you want a less intense copper color. This bold hue looks stunning on girls with long locks in pin-up curls.

Intense copper shade for medium skin tones

An intense copper shade with deep red undertones is an excellent alternative to classic strawberry blonde and red colors for ladies with medium skin tones. It works well with bold makeup or clothing hues with similar red tones.

Hayley Williams’ darker copper penny shade

Hayley Williams of Paramore often wears a darker, nearly burgundy copper penny shade lipstick that complements her deep brown locks. Add EIMI Dry Me to just-toned fine strands to boost shine and add dimension.

Light Copper for a subtle change

If you prefer a more subtle copper hue, try light copper brown. This shade has brown undertones that balance out the coppery tones, making it perfect for warm skin tones. Natural curls look great when styled with this muted copper brown for an eye-catching updo.

Hoyeon Jung’s tomato-copper shade

Hoyeon Jung rocked a tomato-copper shade with dark roots at the Rag and Bone Spring 2017 runway show, perfect for fall and holiday celebrations. Avoid heat styling and use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to maintain vibrant color.