Copper brown hair color chart

Copper brown hair color is a fantastic option for women with medium or neutral skin tones, as its vibrant copper hue can warm up pale complexions while simultaneously brightening cool-toned eyes.

When selecting a copper shade, consult a stylist and carefully read the hair color chart. Each box’s number indicates its level, while its letters provide insight into its underlying tone (golden, red, or ash).

Be mindful that copper hues tend to fade quickly; plan on visiting your salon every four to six weeks for touch-ups, and use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that caters specifically to colored locks to maintain your new look.

Fire ombre employs red, orange, and yellow colors to emulate the fiery flames. Your colorist will work towards creating this bold style by gradually transitioning your roots from black into vivid orange highlights on mid-lengths and ends, eventually reaching fiery red hues at their tips.

Burnt orange copper hues are ideal for brunettes and redheads looking to stand out. Additionally, this shade looks amazing with cool complexions; ask your stylist about a root melt or allover color application while adding face-framing copper highlights for an enhanced face.

Hayley Williams made headlines at Milan Fashion Week when she showed off her stunning red-copper hair color, which looks striking against pale skin tones and can help highlight freckles or green eyes. For those hesitant to commit fully, choose a more subdued copper hue.

Copper tones can be very feminine, and when done right, they can look fantastic on anyone. A faded orange copper shade will work best, preventing neon effects while pairing it with wavy hair for a textured and feminine style.

If you want to add copper hues without going for full red, why not opt for something subtler like sandy copper brown that mixes in with its rosy hues? It looks beautiful when used on blunt bobs with side bangs. Olive-complexioned people can also go full red by styling their hair in copper-brown tones.

Consult a professional colorist and use color-extending shampoos and conditioners to maintain vibrant hues.