Cool Short Hairstyles For Men

Though modern men tend to favor long and shaggy styles inspired by Kurt Cobain, some still opt for shorter cuts highlighting robust features for an elevated and masculine appearance. Carefully-styled short haircuts can accentuate these features and achieve the desired impactful result.

Military-Style Cuts

Military men usually opt for short, clean-cut haircuts with stylish flair. For the optimal result, ask your barber to lengthen the top by approximately two inches before fading it backward into side and back layers. This style works best on those with straight locks, but the texture or spiked locks may create different results altogether. This hairstyle, commonly referred to as the marine haircut, is an increasingly popular option among Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force officers. Similar to a buzz cut but features an added point at the front for added flair. Pair this hairstyle with a pompadour for an eye-catching military look! Another variation on the uniform haircut, this military-inspired style for low-rank soldiers, combines a hard part and a crew cut for low-rank soldiers. This haircut also works excellent for those who prefer more casual looks as it allows some length on top which can be styled forward, side-combed for a faux hawk effect, or left messy for more rugged looks.

Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts are effortlessly cool and require little upkeep, whether you prefer short, textured locks or something more refined and polished – this style can complement any face shape while looking fantastic with any hair texture or color! Create an elevated buzz cut with a widow’s peak to add pattern and design. When selecting your clippers for this style, choose a 0 or 1 guard and leave longer hair at the crown for this design element. A spiffy butch cut is an eye-catching variation on the buzz cut that plays with proportions and looks masculine. Celebrity men such as Chris Evans, Adam Levine, and Djimon Hounsou all sport this look to show off their solid jawlines and facial features. Pair it with facial stubble for an added mature aesthetic; this look also works for guys with large ears!

Hard Parts

Complex parts add an eye-catching style element to any haircut, concise styles. Try pairing one with an overcome style, an old-school quiff, or a fade for an impressive and eye-catching finish. If you want to experiment with hard parting but need more time to prepare for full-on complex parts, try opting for a thin line instead. It still creates an impactful style without being as overt as regular shaved parts. Mid to low-fade haircuts are timeless classics for men, but you can elevate this style further by adding a tricky position. This dynamic combination will stand out in a crowd. Ideal for straight or slightly wavy locks; also suitable as an effective solution to conceal thin areas in the head while adding personality and character.


Men looking to switch things up or keep their locks shorter should consider opting for a taper fade haircut. Its unique combination of length on top and faded sides creates a contrast that emphasizes features while remaining an appropriate style choice for all facial structures. Contrasting with skin or bald fades, taper styles gradually shorten hair around your ears and neckline, making longer styles like this comb ideal for styling in whatever way best suits you – whether messy for punk aesthetics or sleek for 9-5 office jobs. A quiff or pompadour pairs well with a taper fade, adding height and style. Pair this look with a hard part for an immaculate appearance sure to impress; once styled, add matte hair product for maximum impact!