Cool Short Haircuts For Girls

Girls often prefer long locks, which may only sometimes be practical for their style or maintenance requirements. If you want to give your daughter an adorable yet low-maintenance look, consider giving her this angled bob haircut, as it offers a cute style with less upkeep required. This asymmetrical bob hairstyle provides an eye-catching alternative to the standard pixie cut. The top section of hair has been shortened while its bangs have been swept to one side for an eye-catching finish.

1. Pixie Haircut

Show this photo to clients who think pixie cuts come only in one style. This edgy look features sharp, punky shaved sides with longer face-framing pieces for a striking, eye-catching finish. This style adds extra height on top and can be styled forward or back, depending on how the hair falls. Pair it with peekaboo hair color for a modern fairytale aesthetic; its various lengths create an unruly, disheveled appearance, which would benefit from some salt spray texture to complete its look.

2. Side Part

The Side Part haircut is an effective short style for girls that is adaptable and fashionable. You can style this look in many ways, with soft curls being especially great! Plus, it requires very minimal product for upkeep! With its sleek boy cut look at the back and exquisite fringe that falls to one side, this hairstyle is one of the most breathtaking ever seen.

3. Natural Curls

If your daughter has naturally curly locks, this adorable hairstyle could be just what’s needed to create a charming boyish look, with her locks being kept neck length from behind and beautiful fringes falling onto her forehead. This hairstyle resembles the more conventional bob style but features unique, texturized layers to set it apart from others. Perfect for girls who prefer extra short tresses but want a bold style statement!

4. Bob Haircut

The classic bob hairstyle will never go out of fashion. If your little girl has naturally curly or wavy locks, this style can really bring them out! Plus, it looks fantastic. This bob hairstyle stands out from the competition with its unique combination of deep side parting and texturized locks, plus an attractive front fringe swept to one side.

5. Inverted Bob Haircut

An elegant blonde inverted bob with layered side bangs is both classy and seductive, shifting volume towards the front for a sculpted face shape and making an excellent choice for all face shapes and any hair shade. Combine mixed highlights for a customized look, or keep things casual by leaving a bit messy for a unique edge.

6. Angled Bob Haircut

An angled bob is an attractive haircut suitable for all face shapes. Easy to style and requiring little upkeep, this trendy cut works best on straight hair that can be styled into sleek or wavy shapes. Consider your facial structure, lifestyle, and maintenance level before choosing your next haircut. For instance, an inverted angled bob may require frequent trims.

7. Stacked Bob Haircut

Stacked bob hairstyles are great ways to add volume and dimension to flat locks. By adding an eye-catching color accent, these styles stand out among their counterparts and become the focal point. Try choosing a dark purple or blue highlight to add dimension and dimension to your stacked bob haircut. This contrast color will flatter your skin tone while lightening up your face, perfect for giving the illusion of more dimension to your look. Pair with blonde balayage for added dimension!

8. Wavy Stacked Bob Haircut

The classic stacked bob hairstyle never goes out of fashion and makes for an elegant and timeless look that works with different hair color ideas. This wavy blonde stacked bob is absolutely beautiful and features plenty of height on the crown, as well as a dark nape undercut to add dimension and dimension to its textured lengths. Plus, maintaining this hairstyle only requires styling spray or mousse!

9. Bowl Haircut

A classic, elegant chin length bob with an eye-catching side-swept bang makes an impressionful fashion statement that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. This style should never go out of fashion! This bold haircut is ideal for girls that wish to exude sophistication and confidence. It can easily be styled and is an excellent option for thin hair. Additionally, its seductive features such as its cropped fringe add seduction.

10. Boy Haircut

If she has dark hair, adding a splash of violet can make it appear fuller and denser, as well as adding depth and femininity to her look. It will enhance her complexion while amplifying feminine features. This boy cut features an attractive side-swept fringe to highlight her eyes and cheekbones, perfect for framing her features and drawing attention to them. Add texture with some hair wax spray.