Cool Natural Hair Colors

Cool natural hair colors are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Redheads such as Gwen Stefani and Mandy Moore favor platinum blonde hues, while former Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner and Riverdale star KJ Apa opt for vibrant scarlet hues.

Request that your colorist use a semi-permanent PPD, ammonia, and resorcinol-free dye for safer bleaching, then safeguard it with regular hair masks that nourish and strengthen strands.

Rose Gold

Rose gold hair color can be soft and romantic or make an eye-catching statement, depending on its use. Rose gold complements various blue tones and pink hues; neutral tones like white and gray also work nicely.

Try chocolate brown i

f you want a dark hair color with natural cool tones. This warm hue lies at the intersection of brown and black shades and looks stunning against warm and darker skin tones.

Billie Eilish famously wears scarlet red hair, making for an eye-catching unnatural shade, ideal for medium-colored strands with warm skin undertones. Burgundy is another vibrant dark hue similar to freshly crushed blackberries that looks amazing on natural brunettes if you prefer darker tones. When opting for bright shades such as this, make sure your semi-permanent dye doesn’t contain PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), as this harmful chemical has been linked to cancer, lung disorders, and kidney conditions as well as allergic reactions – see Billie Eilish for inspiration.


Lilac is a soft shade of purple with an appealing pink tint. It marks the meeting point on the color wheel between warm reds and cool blues; unlike its counterpart, lavender, which also contains shades of purple, lilac has more of a pink tint than its purple cousin.

Color psychology suggests that pink evokes feelings of romance and femininity. Women seeking elegance are likely to choose this hue for themselves. Pink also signifies emotion and upbringing; some see this shade as soothing while encouraging emotional release through color therapy.

This natural dye uses no harsh peroxides or PPD (p-phenylenediamine) linked to bladder cancer, lung and kidney issues, and severe allergic reactions. Instead, this formula uses a blend of herbs that naturally color your hair while covering grays and leaving your strands looking nourished and shiny.

Mint Green

Mint green is an eye-catching, excellent, natural hair color and makes a refreshing statement about who you are! Perfect for almost all skin tones, mint green looks gorgeous when appropriately styled – be sure to follow a proper hair care regime to protect strands from dryness or premature fading!

Mint green can also work beautifully for curly or wavy locks when combined with blue undertones to achieve an aquatic style. Give this vibrant hue a try to feel magical, like you have your own magical powers!

Dyeing dark locks green can be challenging. To achieve the desired color, bleaching may help, and then using semi-permanent or temporary hair dye can do the trick. For an easier option, ask your stylist to add random green highlights for an ombre effect that won’t require maintenance over time. Plan on visiting the salon regularly for root touch-ups depending on the intensity of your desired shade.


Teal is a refreshing shade that draws inspiration from the ocean’s depths, drawing its hue from blue and green hues, leaning more toward calm than turquoise or aqua hues. For blondes looking for something fresh yet sophisticated, teal makes an attractive shade suitable for full-color or peekaboo highlights.

As it can provide a sense of style while not overdoing it with bolder hues like lavender or mint, gray hair color can be a good way for those wanting to stay trendy but need more time to be ready for bolder shades like these. Furthermore, gray is an excellent option for people with darker locks looking to add interest without overdoing it with vibrant hues.

Saach Organics’ natural semi-permanent hair dye offers a more straightforward and less messy solution at home, featuring only ten plant-based ingredients that comprise 82% to 100% of its formulation. Compared with chemical alternatives containing formaldehyde or parabens, this alternative uses lower pH levels, which won’t damage hair as it contains herbs and natural oils that provide nourishment while locking moisture for rich, vibrant hues that stay put over time.