Cool Mullet Haircuts For Guys

Cool mullet haircuts are an eye-catching style for guys looking to stand out. These looks typically feature long locks with side-swept or gelled-up fringe. This hairstyle works beautifully for men who desire a formal yet stylish look, creating tall spikes at the front with a faded mohawk.

1. Slicked Back Hockey Hair

This classic hockey style is an easy and low-maintenance way to style all types of locks. To create it, grow your hair to medium length before making a middle part and using hair pomade to smooth back any backward flicks toward the back of your head. Trim your sides using a high fade or number 2 guard to separate your top hair from the rest of your scalp, and comb your front hair back onto one side with texture for an effortless hockey look.

This chic mullet hairstyle combines short front- and side-parts with long locks in the back that reach down to your shoulders or even further back. This hairstyle makes a statement without being overwhelming or complicated to manage, is perfect for casual looks, and is easily styled with products such as Great Clips’ Spray Gel or Molding Cream.

2. Hipster Mullet

Men looking to add an edge and grungier aesthetic can opt for a mullet with fade and line up for an eye-catching style that works great on wavy and curly locks, offering the versatility of styling options, whether smooth or messy. To achieve this look, ask your barber to create a taper fade with longer top locks than sides, using wax or pomade to style soft spikes at the desired height.

This mullet style looks fantastic when worn with a beard, making it ideal for men who wish to appear polished yet have some edge. Additionally, its versatility means that thick-haired individuals may find this style beneficial since its volume helps hide any changes from front to back length changes.

3. Wide Mohawk

Long mullets create an eye-catching style perfect for bold men. Combine it with a mohawk for added volume and character; this style may take more work, but the result will surely stand out.

This chic mullet boasts medium-length hair styled into a feathered effect by brushing out. Paired with its deep fade on the sides for a striking appearance. This modern mullet haircut can flatter any face shape or hair type. Combining short top hair with long wavy rear locks for an airy, casual daytime look – with its modern touch provided by shaved sides giving this hairstyle its unique aesthetic – this stylish mullet haircut stands out among other styles!

4. Spiked Mullet

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? Spiking up your mullet is an effortless way to do just that. Add gel and spike up your locks in different directions – an effective way to show off your personality and attract attention! Spiky mullets can also make an excellent style choice for men with thick, straight locks. Their striking long fringe frames the face while gradually transitioning into medium-length hair in the back for an eye-catching style that pairs perfectly with suits or casual wear.

5. Faux (Hawk) Mullet

The mullet is back and has made quite the statement! When combined with a fade or pompadour for an eye-catching mullet hairstyle. A slight burst fade creates a mohawk-esque shape to bring punk rock flair to this punk rock-look mullet haircut. Curly hair perfectly complements the mullet style as its inherent volume and bounces help soften the transition from front to back sections of this long back section. This style also includes an optional straight fringe, which can be spiked up or combed over.

Kristen Stewart showcases a modern mullet with an extended back section and blunt fringe. Honey blonde highlights add depth to her thick strands; for an alternative faux-hawk effect, try an elevated fade that doesn’t reach the skin or blend into the top layer of hair.