Cool Hairstyles For Teens

Cool hairstyles for teens can be fun to experiment with and look incredible when combined with vibrant hues.

Vanessa Hudgens shows us how spectacular this feather cut can look by rocking it in blue-green tones that will surely grab attention.

Ponytails have long been the go-to style for teenage haircuts, but boxer braids (two French braids) have recently become the trendy alternative.

Easy to master and personalized by adding clips or scrunchies – boxer braids offer endless styling opportunities!

Tousled hair

The ideal hairstyle for teenage boys with medium-length hair is to leave it tousled and give off that cute boy-next-door look that will have girlfriends swooning!

This will add texture and personality and create an irresistibly handsome appearance that is sure to draw compliments from female acquaintances.

Start by washing and conditioning your hair using a leave-in conditioner, followed by towel drying it.

Next, when damp, start to separate into small sections using a fine-tooth comb before lightly spraying each strand with saltwater before tease-teasing until the desired tousled look is reached.

Use volumizing spray as needed to hold this style together.

Try something unique by wearing a double-braid ponytail for an eye-catching style!

This sweet hairstyle will flatter all face shapes.

Justin Beiber fans may recognize this look as perfect for a date or prom night with girlfriends!


Ponytails are a timeless and sophisticated solution if you want an effortless yet chic style.

Perfect for any special event or casual situation, add a comb or claw clip for added personality, or tie your locks up into a man bun for more relaxed styling and mist it with hairspray to prevent oil build-up!

A pompadour is another classic option for teenage boys with medium-length hair.

This look adds drama and sophistication, perfect for teens looking for an edge in their style.

For an extra unique touch, add blue highlights or stripes to the pompadour’s design for an eye-catching and playful touch!

A fade with side-swept fringe is an effective way to show your masculinity and personal style.

Especially suitable for boys who have short hair, this haircut allows them to maintain their appearance without needing frequent trimming sessions.

Side Bun

Teen girls love experimenting with their looks.

A side bun is an eye-catching way to add flair and a protective style for girls with thin locks who wish to keep them from falling or becoming damaged.

Teens looking for a casual style will benefit from pairing a low taper fade with long locks on top to achieve a shag haircut that keeps length.

This style works for both wavy and straight locks alike.

The pompadour fade is a popular teenage hairstyle that works for shorter or longer locks.

This fashionable trend takes the quiff one step further by featuring its signature vertical finish and works great with straight, wavy, or curly locks.

A high or full pompadour with a disconnected undercut will further define its look, perfect for Halloween parties and themed events!

Braided Hairpiece

A braided hairpiece can add dimension and flair to a ponytail or bun, creating an eye-catching style for teens while remaining girly and fun!

Perfect for festival goers too!

This stylish hairdo embodies all the hallmarks of great teenage hairstyles: two Dutch braids with a simple ponytail create an intricate yet intriguing style, finished with a sparkly bow for added charm – making this one of the top school styles available today.

The Caesar haircut is an increasingly popular choice amongst teen boys looking for ways to appear sophisticated and mature.

It can work on all face shapes and even be styled with highlights or spikes for a dramatic finish – as seen on Zayn Malik of One Direction!

This intelligent yet decent haircut also makes a first impression on his girlfriends!