Cool Hairstyles For Teens

Teenagers lead hectic lives between school, friends, and part-time jobs – which explains why they seek stylish yet easy hairstyles that will also be popular among their peers.


Bobs are stylish and sophisticated looks for teens looking to exude class and sophistication. To achieve that look, add texturizing mousse and roll your layered bob into heavy coils for the best effect.

Wavy Side Ponytail

Add an elegant finishing touch to your ponytail by customizing its side part according to your natural texture. Whether your locks are curly, wavy, or straight – this stylish look pulls everything together beautifully and looks fantastic with any dress!

Your teen may have thick, kinky locks. She can add jumbo braids to her side ponytail for an adorable yet long-term style, perfect for days when she doesn’t have time to wash or rebraid. This quick solution could also save time!

Add an extra touch to her ponytail by attaching a flower at its base – this simple addition gives it a romantic vibe, perfect for prom!

High Ponytail

Young kids often look forward to sporting different hairstyles for school functions. One great look that is easy and accessible for anyone with shoulder-length locks is this two-side pony look, easily achieved by parting and tying each side using elastics.

To add an element of glamour to your ponytail, take inspiration from Gigi Hadid and straighten your strands – this will highlight your face’s frame while drawing attention to your cheekbones and making your ponytail even more beautiful.

If you have long hair, try this sleek, high ponytail style for red-carpet events or formal events. It will accentuate facial features while suiting most face shapes.

Low Ponytail

An elegant ponytail instantly takes any ordinary teen’s everyday look from average to red-carpet-worthy. Please note how this girl wears hers, and try recreating its swirling effect by half-wrapping one side.

Braiding is another popular way to style a ponytail. To achieve this look, create a deep side parting and gather hair on either thick side for tying with an elastic band.

Donning an unconventional low ponytail, grab several strands from it and crisscross them to hide the elastic band. Doing this will create a chic yet distinct low ponytail with an attractive texture.


Messy braids make an eye-catching hairstyle suitable for school-going teens and can be worn in various ways for added versatility.

For an edgy and daring style, pair this hairstyle with a high skin fade or burst fade haircut on the sides and short to medium-length hair on top. Add a mohawk for extra rebellion!

A side messy ponytail is an easy and fashionable solution for an effortless casual look. After carefully brushing and combing through your locks to untangle any knots, gather them at the back of your neck and secure a low ponytail tie.

Bouncy Curls

Curly hairstyles are an impressive way to show your individuality and show the world what an exciting individual you are! Whether your curls are natural or enhanced with highlights, this eye-catching style will show everyone just how cool and daring you are!

Be proud of your bouncy curls by embracing their full potential by either leaving them loose for a casual style or smoothing them back for an elegant finish. Securing bangs will also add a unique flair to this versatile hairstyle.

Make your beautiful curls even more stunning by applying a leave-in conditioner with aloe vera or glycerin to hydrate and soften them throughout the day! This will keep your volume-filled locks moisturized and silky smooth!

Sleek Ombre

Your teenager can achieve a stunning ombre hair look with long locks; to do this, she must dye the roots brown while leaving blonde tresses unruly at the neck for maximum effect. To do this successfully, her locks must remain somewhat asymmetrical in terms of length.

This fun hairstyle for teens is easy to style and highlights her bold personality. Start by prepping her locks with mousse before straightening with an iron, leaving some length at the crown. Finish off the look by spraying some light-hold hairspray.

She can then curl her short fringes outward to complete this funky style and give it a playful edge.