5 Cool Hairstyles For Guys

If you want a stylish yet put-together look without spending hours styling your hair each morning, try styling a textured quiff paired with a drop fade. This combination adds height while framing the face for an unfussy, timeless aesthetic.

A blowout taper haircut for men is another extraordinary men’s hairstyle that pairs beautifully with short beards or stubble and frames your eyes beautifully, creating an irresistibly attractive appearance. Add some pomade or sea salt spray for additional volume and texture as needed for this style.

Spiky Quiff

The modern quiff is an elegant and chic haircut that’s easy to style, pairing well with fades or taper for an eye-catching dapper look that works for any occasion. To achieve it, work a small amount of premium hair wax or styling clay into your locks and style it into an undulated quiff using either your fingers or brushing for best results.

Psychobilly quiff

It is an informal twist on pompadour that’s great for guys with thick locks that can be challenging to control.

Modern Mullet

The mullet is an ideal hairstyle for men looking for something stylish yet professional. Featuring long and short locks woven together into an exciting contrast between lengths, this look adds flair to their appearance while adding creativity. This modern mullet boasts a sleek temple fade and semi-French crop on top for an eye-catching style. The thick strands at the bottom feature an uneven, tousled appearance that stands out.

Textured Quiff

A textured quiff gives your hair an on-trend, messy style, perfect for men with wavy or curly locks. Pair this style with a fade haircut for maximum impact! Even though a quiff may look effortless, you’ll require plenty of premium hair gel to achieve this look. Use a hairdryer or your fingers for natural styles for best results.

Long Brushed-Up

Men with long hair can achieve an eye-catching and masculine appearance with a Caesar haircut, featuring low fade sides and a brushed-up top. Its unique structure creates volume in your locks. Furthermore, this cut works particularly well on guys with curly or wavy locks. This trendy style blends elements from various older hairstyles into one distinctive and eye-catching look. You can achieve it with either a short crop and mid-fade, or long hair with taper or undercut details.


Bedhead is a stylish look that captures the tousled feel of someone just waking up, perfect for casual day trips or romantic nights out with friends or dates. To create the desired look, a low fade haircut on the sides and back should be combined with a sharp length transition around ears and hairline. You should then add matte products such as pomade or gel for texture.

Textured Fringe

If you have curly hair, try styling it into a fringe with lots of texture for an edgier and fresher look. Add in fades or taper as an accentuating detail for added impact! This textured fringe is perfect for guys who want to highlight their facial features. It works especially well when worn with slicked-back pompadour or messy French crop hairstyles and pairs well with matte clay or pomade for optimal results.

Blowout Taper

This unique hairstyle combines a blowout style and tapered haircut for an eye-catching appearance. Perfect for men who wish to appear sophisticated while maintaining minimal upkeep requirements. hair gel or pomade smooth back the top strands, and the sides are tapered up for an unbroken, sleek appearance. This style can add some volume and texture to your class for men with wavy locks who want an unexpected twist in their style.

Hard Comb Over

The hard comb-over is ideal for men looking to add height and an edgy look. Keep your sides short, or opt for a high fade with a long top that’s combed forward for this stylish look. This hairstyle is an excellent option for men with widow’s peaks as it draws attention away from that area of their face and works particularly well when combined with a dark complexion. Add in a full beard for picture-ready results!

Side Part

Nothing embodies gentlemanliness like the timeless and contemporary appeal of a classic side part worn by icons like Cary Grant and Don Draper from Mad Men. Simply mix your hair on either side and comb it back for an unkempt, wet-look finish by applying gel or pomade. Combining your side part with a pompadour will give your look an elegant yet modern edge. This style works particularly well if you have a cowlick, as it can flow with its direction or conceal it for an attractive and balanced appearance.