Cool Haircuts For Women

Leave the salon feeling–and looking–fabulous after receiving your new haircut, only to come home, wash it, style it for the first time, and realize it doesn’t resemble what was promised on the day of purchase! Stop that from happening to you; try one of these fantastic female haircuts instead!

Shag Haircut

A shag haircut is ideal for medium-density locks requiring texture and movement, such as curly or wavy. You can style the shag several ways; opt for a full crown layered shag that thins out through mid-lengths and ends or for something bolder like a wolf cut with defined bangs, for example.

One of the great things about shags is their versatility; they can adapt to fit any face shape. Sideswept bangs are particularly flattering on round faces because they soften and elongate cheekbones; curtain bangs suit long face shapes by softening harsh angles in features such as cheekbones. You could add colored streaks for an eye-catching vintage vibe or bold and vibrant colors for an edgier aesthetic.

The shag returned in 2017, quickly becoming a favorite among celebrities and Instagram It girls. From Kate Moss-inspired bedhead styles to more refined versions with center parts, the shag can transform your ’90s rocker girl vibe. If you want to experiment with color options like dip dyeing, however, be sure to consult a professional stylist first to achieve optimal results explicitly tailored to your hair type and texture.

Textured Bob

The textured bob is one of our go-to styles for those searching for a bob haircut with added texture. This look creates an unpolished, messy aesthetic and works best with wavy and straight locks. Women with thicker locks may benefit from using texturizing spray or dry shampoo to achieve this look and give their locks more movement and volume.

A layered, textured bob is an easy, stylish hairstyle to rock without bangs. This look works best at any length, from chin-length to shoulder-length; its choppy layers and textured finish create an ultramodern, chic, feminine aesthetic. Consider adding soft waves at the bottom for an added romantic flair.

A textured bob can also be worn with a side part for an elegant and timeless style. Ideal for any special event or formal meeting, this hairstyle shows your individuality while still looking professional. To complete the look, add caramel-tone highlights for added depth of hue.

If you’re seeking something unique and stylish, a shattered bob with bangs could be just what’s needed to give you that fresh new look. Its broken ends add movement and texture while being great for women ready for something different but must commit to total cuts. Plus, it works great whether your hair is straight or curly; tailoring it perfectly fits any face shape!

Long Layers

One of the trendiest haircuts for women with long or short hair, whether they have short or long locks, is the layered haircut. Layers add depth and dimension to any hairstyle by creating fuller and shinier locks – an extremely versatile hairstyle suitable for any special occasion or event. Layered hairstyles are simple to style and suit any face shape, featuring graduation layers, free-falling layers, or even spiky layers – with long, wavy, or curly layers creating gorgeous waves. Long wavy or curly layers especially suit those with longer foreheads, as this style perfectly frames their features. Inverted layers at the front will produce a charming, girly look!

An elegant layered hairstyle with side-parted and side-parted wispy bangs is ideal for showcasing thicker locks and drawing the eye towards your eyes. Additionally, try opting for long layered bangs with slightly curtain-like bangs for more drama; this look works beautifully on women with more prominent foreheads, especially if worn in copper autumn colors!

For an edge, opt for a graduated layered bob with short and longer sections of hair. This look has become highly fashionable among celebrities and will surely turn heads at your next party or event.

For long faces, pairing your layered haircut with slicked-back layers and red pops is a great way to show your unique personality. This look is ideal for all ages, exceptionally youthful little girls looking for sophisticated but cute hairstyles. Add peekaboo highlights for extra color pop.


The Undercut is one of the trendiest women’s haircuts because it works with every type of hair – long locks or short pixies. No matter the length or thickness of the waves, this dramatic style can elevate your look. Inspired by mohawk style haircuts with very short sides and side-swept undercuts with short quiffs, popular variations of which include side-swept, quiff, and high and tight styles; longer locks may even benefit from trying a tapered undercut – a hybrid between mohawk and pompadour that has recently gained more popularity among longer locks – adding another dimension to their look!

If you want to show your creativity, a great way is to use an undercut to create an intricate design on the back of your head with its undercut. A diamond shape or another geometric pattern will do, or why not try adding some color? Try a cheetah pattern, animal-inspired design, flower petals, or triangles for an added feminine touch.

Create an eye-catching and stylish undercut with a zig-zag pattern on your undercut to stand out from the competition. Try even adding superhero designs such as Batman symbols for added character! A unique and fashionable undercut style.

Undercuts add character and style, but they’re also great ways to keep your hair healthy by reducing how often you need to shampoo it and providing a more natural-looking shine without artificial products being used.

Finger Waves

Finger waves are an eye-catching style for women that add a glamorous edge. Easy to maintain and versatile enough for almost all lengths ranging from short pixie cuts to long bobs, this look also works wonders on classic blonde locks. Pairing this style with side-swept bangs creates an unforgettable look.

This look involves creating S-shaped waves close to the scalp with hair gel and your fingertips, usually on short styles such as pixie cuts; however, it can also make more sophisticated yet voluminous techniques on longer locks like Amandla Stenberg and Zendaya’s signature style – perfect for an evening out!

You must start by wetting your hair and applying a gel to set your waves to achieve the look. This will create a sleek appearance while helping keep the shape of your waves intact throughout the day. Redken Hardwear 16 provides strong sculpting gel for optimal results to ensure that none of your locks loosen or flatten out over time.

Once your hair is dry, use small duckbill clips or pins to secure the waves with small hooks or nails. These will keep them secure while wearing them and allow for easy removal when washing them. In addition, a silk scarf or bonnet should also be used at nighttime to ensure that waves stay put while sleeping while also keeping hair from becoming frizzy or tangling itself overnight.