Cool Hair Designs For Boys

Haircut designs, more commonly called “hair tattoos,” have become one of the hottest trends among boys’ haircuts. They add a fun and playful element that kids adore!

Shaved Star Design

Try this shaved star design for boys with low fade and side-swept quiff. It stands out, commands attention, and looks unbelievably cool!

Undercut with a Dragon

If your kid loves sophisticated and fashionable looks, try giving them a French crop haircut with textured fringes and clean-shaven sides. This kid’s mohawk haircut is excellent for semi-free dress codes as it requires minimal maintenance.

Fade with Carved-In Hair Design

If you want to give your boy’s look an edge, opting for a fade with a carved-in hair design could be just the thing! This relaxed and unique style will undoubtedly set him apart from his peers!

Parallel Lines

An elegant design in your child’s hair could include adding parallel lines that never overlap. Kids who love soccer can add their passion for it into their hair with this fun lion design that looks fantastic on taper fade haircuts.


Star hair designs for boys are a trendy yet classic style that looks modern. Superb for short-haired boys with short locks, this hairdo can be styled with gels or waxes to achieve this stylish look. If your son loves Pokemon, he will love this fun hairstyle that puts their favorite character “tattooed” onto his side with this hairstyle. Additionally, this cut makes an excellent way for older teen boys to express themselves individually and show their individuality.


If your little guy loves Pokemon, this Pikachu design will surely delight him and set him apart at school! Your kiddo will undoubtedly stand out with this unique look! hair tattoos have become an increasingly fashionable trend, adding style and flair to any short haircut, mainly featuring a taper fade haircut for boys.

Batman v. Superman

Haircut designs are becoming increasingly popular among children, and petite boys. Haircut designs add a whimsical and engaging image that suits small children well. Whether it’s heartbeats, geometric patterns, letters, or favorite characters like Batman and Pikachu, your boy has various design choices that could add the perfect personal touch! Let your boy select his unique design today.

If your boy has a favorite brand, get his haircut adorned with its logo for an eye-catching design suitable for boys of any age. This hair design idea can add character and personality to any boy’s style! If your boy enjoys music, they will surely appreciate having this cougar “tattooed” onto one side of his taper fade haircut! Perfect for his favorite rock band!


A boy wearing a taper fade and intricate designs on either side of his head looks fashionable. This design includes mandalas that add dimension and dimension to his locks. What young boy doesn’t adore the Apple logo? This design makes an eye-catching way for him to showcase his interest in technology. No child could resist having a cougar “tattooed” on their taper haircut! This design makes an excellent way for boys to connect with nature.


If your toddler boy enjoys basketball, this slam dunk design haircut could be what he needs to look his best on the court! It features an impressive high fade and side pattern for maximum style points. Here’s a great idea that meets all the criteria for an excellent hair tattoo for boys: A classic crew cut featuring an original shaved stripe on one side is combined with an innovative shave. Additionally, this style can also work great on those with longer locks.