Designs For Boys

Boys’ hairstyles provide many opportunities for creative expression and style. From short, spiky styles to adding texture with pomade, there are endless ways that these trendy hair designs for boys can keep them looking dapper and smart.

1. Window Effect

Boys that enjoy Angry Birds will appreciate having their favorite character etched into their hairstyle. Additionally, if your little guy loves science and math classes, having his initial or the planet Saturn inked into his haircut could also be fun options.

2. Soccer-inspired Design

School-age boys looking for an impressive look will find that pairing a textured fade with a prominent fringe and spiky locks with some pomade can create both low-key and intense spikes.

No little boy doesn’t love gadgets and the Apple logo is certainly one of the coolest designs out there – making for an easy way to add some fun, whimsical style into his haircut. If you prefer something minimalist and elegant, a straight line or zigzag design may be just what’s needed to keep things classy and subdued.

4. Apple Tree

Who wouldn’t adore gadgets and Apple, in particular? This fun hair design can help your little guy show his devotion. For those looking for something less ostentatious, straight parallel line designs are an elegant and subtle option that will show your son that he’s on trend without breaking any school regulations.

5. Scorpion

Boys often gravitate toward wild animals. This design provides a fun and eye-catching way to show them their adventurous side!

6. Mandalas

Mandalas are captivating, mesmerizing and look very real to any boy’s eye – they will remain timeless interests!

7. Dragon

Nothing captivates boys’ imagination like fantasy creatures, and what better way to capture it than with a dragon design! This subtler version can even be worn to school without breaking any rules!

8. Parallel Lines

Parallel lines are an elegant choice if your son wants to follow trends without trying too hard or being outspoken. This style is sure to dazzle anyone who sees him wearing it!

9. Heartbeat

Which little boy wouldn’t want his favorite brand logo carved into their taper fade haircut? Speak with him first about which logo they like before having your barber add it as part of his haircut design.

10. Batman v. Superman

Boys’ haircuts with superhero-inspired designs can be an exciting and expressive way for them to express themselves and their personality. Short spiky spikes add fun and personality, while longer hair styled with hard parts and punk edge add an edge that says, “Look at me!”