5 Cool Guy Haircuts For Men

These trendy yet masculine haircuts for guys range from short buzz fades to angular fringes and are easily styled using your preferred styling paste or gel.

Modern Mullet

Men who want to express their modern style should pair a modern mullet with a taper fade and texturizing product to add volume and depth.

Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical hairstyles are bold and fashionable – perfect for making a statement! These styles look stunning on anyone, ranging from pixie cuts with slightly longer sides to long bobs featuring uneven lengths.

Box Braids

Box braids are an increasingly popular protective hairstyle with various styling options. From crown braids and 90s throwbacks to high ponytails, this style is easy to take care of and looks lovely in black or white hair color.

1950s Hairstyles

If you seek a classic 1950s look, you can achieve it with more natural textures. Styles include taper fade sides with long strands styled into a Pompadour or undone Jelly Roll and the flop cut featuring longer front strands styled upward.


Quiffs add volume without compromising the length on the sides and back. Consult your barber for a close clipping on the back and sides and a longer length on top to create a dramatic quiff effect. This versatile style works for any event or occasion.

Textured Cut

The textured cut is an easy, low-maintenance haircut that works well on all hair types, especially thin or delicate hair that needs volume or shape. Taper can highlight texture and define thin hair, while emphasizing curls for those with wavy locks.

Caesar Haircut

Caesar haircuts are ideal for guys with straight hair, helping to conceal bald spots. Apply hair oil or moisturizing cream for optimal styling with texture. A neat Caesar haircut features uniform length, fade on the sides, and longer swept bangs.

Long Hair

Long hair is making a comeback as an appealing trend. By getting an undercut on the sides and back and adding a man bun, ponytail, or top knot, long hair can add flair and personality to any look. Maintain long hair to avoid a disheveled appearance.