Cool Grey Hair Colors

Gray hair can look chic and sophisticated when styled with an edgy, short pixie cut. Add in some silver-enhancing balayage highlights for an eye-catching finish!

To avoid brassiness, select a medium-intensity shade, such as dusty pink or lavender, that compliments your skin tone and gray hair color. Muted shades like these work particularly well when worn by those with blue eyes, such as Sevyn Streeter.


Judi Dench epitomizes this look perfectly with her short, choppy pixie cut and wispy bangs that frame her face. Add texture by putting pomade into your locks for this delightful grey hairstyle!

This short and layered grey hairstyle offers low maintenance for women with fine strands. To increase and add some volume to the style, apply a volumizing mousse before spraying some hairspray.

Sibley Scoles proves that a platinum gray hue can look chic. She pairs her sleek locks with a long pixie for a modern look.

Smoky Gray

Smoky Gray may sound menacing, but this gray hue can be very dignified. Reminiscent of denim and possessing a subtle blue-gray hue, it pairs beautifully with warm hues for an inviting visual contrast.

Iron is one of the more versatile gray hair shades available, thanks to its middle K value and multidimensional undertones, making it suitable for almost every hue.

If you’re ready to take the leap, ask your stylist for a silvery tone to make grays more noticeable and blend better into their surroundings. Or try a subtle balayage effect that combines various grey hues with your current shade for a gradual transition; this look works particularly well if longer strands start showing graying more rapidly.

Steel Gray

If you have been coloring your hair, the balayage technique can help ease the transition to its natural shade gradually, says Garnier colorist Millie Morales, by slowly going gray without an awkward growth-out period.

Long, silvery hair feels elegant and shows your playful side if cut correctly. Try a classic bob with side parting for a neat and chic style.

Try this steel gray rawhide finish color for those who want to show off their grays. The textured surface adds depth and creates a one-of-a-kind look, perfect for siding, metal roofing, accent walls, or interior projects. Glazes should also be used to maintain this shade.

Dusty Pink or Rose

Dusty pink is an airy blend of pastel rose and violet tones, adding a striking feminine flair to any look. It pairs particularly well with light neutrals like ivory and beige, while it also enhances earthy green hues for an earthy yet soothing aesthetic.

If you want to add life to your gray locks, a medium-layered cut with long side strands tucked behind your ears could do the trick. This style will frame your face while modernizing your appearance.

There are color-depositing shampoos on the market that use blue and purple pigments as semi-permanent hair dye, giving your strands a semi-permanent hue without harming them. These gentle products will lighten yellow tones in blonde, silver, and grey hair while simultaneously improving the condition of the scalp through ingredients like chamomile and cornflower extracts to hydrate strands while improving conditions on scalps.


Lavender is an eye-catching hue that adds dimension and vibrancy to gray locks. However, as it’s only a semi-permanent dye and will eventually fade into gray over time, be sure to touch up your roots regularly or invest in high-quality, color-safe shampoo and conditioner to prevent its loss too soon.

Try incorporating bright lavender silver hair for an unexpected, funky twist that won’t overdo its boldness. Pair this look with tousled waves and dark roots for a sophisticated take on silver grey that reaches a manageable intensity level.

Smoky lavender shades are an elegant way to experiment with this trend, suiting all skin tones and hair lengths, textures, and styles. Furthermore, this hue works exceptionally well on brunettes with warm undertones.