Cool Curly Haircuts

Curly haircuts are an effective way to showcase your natural texture and express your femininity. Ask your stylist for a layered cut with curly bangs to add volume and dimension to your look.

Girls with thick locks will adore this stylish bob with curly layers and face-framing bangs. Apply curl-enhancing products, scrunch up your locks, and scrunch again for this model-worthy style!

Pixie-Bob with Curls

Curly Pixie haircuts are ideal for girls with naturally wavy locks who wish to create a girly or boyish appearance, depending on which shade is chosen. Easy to maintain and minimal styling products are needed; Gabrielle Union and Kiera Knightley have been seen rocking this look in style to enhance it even further with earrings or makeovers.

Add some flair and brightness to your curls with sunset tones for an eye-catching yet glamorous style. This will bring out the eyes while adding a more casual charm to your pixie cut!

Cover Cap Pixie Styles

Cover cap pixie styles offer another effective solution for girls with curly locks. This look works on all face shapes, as long as daily maintenance and combing are maintained to keep its style. Furthermore, bright lipstick or eye-catching accessories can enhance its overall appearance further.

Short Curls

A wavy bob with caramel highlights is the ideal way to show off the natural texture in your locks, with its loose curls maintaining shape while adding pops of color through caramel highlights. It flatters all face shapes but works particularly well on long or triangular-shaped faces.

Curly pixie bobs can be eye-catching and enjoyable, particularly when styled with chunky ringlets. This style allows you to work with your natural texture, as you can add more definition by scrunching.

For an effortless girl-next-door style, add shoulder-grazing layers to your curly hair to allow low coils to unfurl into a stunning girly hairstyle. Complete this look with curly bangs that fall right to your eyebrows for a sophisticated and girly touch.

Another popular curly haircut is the wet-hair look. Slick hydrated ringlets that have been lightly tousled and lightly sprayed with medium hold gel create an eye-catching style that’s easy to manage and always ready for social occasions with friends.

Stacked Curls

One of the most eye-catching short curly hairstyles is stacked curls. Ideal for medium or tight coils, this style creates an eye-catching layering effect with layers that make an eye-catching shape. Reminiscent of a pixie cut but with added volume and texture.

Stacked curls look fabulous on any face and can be worn with different hair colors. To add an eye-catching pop, try adding colorful highlights – bright red hues can bring out your curls’ full beauty!

If you are still getting to embrace short haircuts, try a beautiful shoulder-length curly layered bob style instead. Not only will it add texture and volume, but it also works particularly well on women with round faces; additionally, you could even incorporate a tricky part for added drama!

Bright Curls

Men looking for an eye-catching curly haircut should try this bold style. Boasting a medium fade on the sides and featuring thick texture curls that stand out, this look features an additional rugged touch with its side-swept beard that adds character.

Gwen Stefani demonstrates the wisdom of “going big or going home” with this pixie-bob cut. Instead of trying to tame her frizzy curls, she let them shine bright in this stunning face-framing hairstyle.

Carrie Bradshaw is an expert at pulling off this look with staggered layers that create an eye-catching effect at the crown of her head. This style works exceptionally well on naturally wavy or curly locks that don’t need additional texture; adding flair is provided by an angled undercut on each side to complete this style.