Cool Boys Haircuts 2019

Prepare your son to look his best in school with a classic pompadour cut! This dapper style works best on boys with thick hair and requires minimal product to maintain its shape.

Short sides and long top

An effortless look that works for any occasion.

Partial faux hawk fade.

A bold and fashionable style statement for medium to long-haired boys.

Textured Crop

If your boy wants a stylish yet effortless style, look no further than this textured crop. Featuring low fade sides and back with an easy-to-style textured top, add some pomade for a sleek finish or experiment with fun spikes for a bolder yet school-appropriate style!

Short spiky hairstyles

Eye-catching, dapper look that’s both fashionable and functional.

Mid fade and side quiff

Clean, modern look for boys to manage with ease.

Thick hair

This style is ideal for boys with thick hair who wish to keep it styled long. The curly top adds volume and creates a mane-like appearance, while short strands help maintain clear visibility of one’s face.

Classic comb over

Eye-catching style for dapper teens with a strong fashion sense.

These boys’ haircut trends are among the hottest of 2019. To give your little guy something new for 2019, visit Snip-its and meet with one of their Kids’ hair Experts – they will show you which trends, styles, and products best suit his hair! Your son can then sport his new class at his next playdate!

Faux Hawk Fade

Boys with a flair for drama will look striking and daring with a faux hawk with fade.

Low fades

Contrast against thick, wavy locks slicked into a pompadour.

Thin hair volume

Quiff, pompadour, and low fade to create volume.

Bald Fade

Boys with curly locks can still rock fashionable haircuts that are easy to manage and maintain, such as low, mid, or high fades paired with hard part and line designs.

Bald fade

It’s similar to a skin fade, but with more hair on top for contrast.

Faux Hawk with a Bald Fade

Masculine and attention-grabbing style.

Short hair

Cool boy’s haircuts for short hair provide a dapper style perfect for school and everyday life. Choose a neat type by brushing the fringe back or texturizing with a texturizer, then finish off with some pomade or gel to achieve an impressive polished appearance.