Cool Boys Haircuts 2019

Boys love trying new styles to express themselves and make an impression about who they are – ideally, modern hair trends enable this!

Try this stylish boy’s haircut featuring a short crop and smooth taper fade for maximum impact. It will keep him looking his best!

This textured look is great for all ages and tames wavy, curly, or thick hair quickly. It is easy to style and makes a fantastic statement with fun, spiky spikes!

High Top

If your boy has great locks, consider giving him a fashionable windswept combover haircut. This style gives him an attractive yet masculine appearance while giving him room to experiment with unique textures in front and side-shaved designs on either side of his head.

Faux hawks are another fantastic style option for boys with long hair. Not only can they look neat on special occasions, but they can also look good when worn with a side part.

A pompadour haircut for boys is an eye-catching style that impresses his friends. Best worn with a fade, this haircut can be styled using lightweight gel for ultimate results.

Short Fade

Are you searching for a fresh and sophisticated style? Consider getting a low-fade haircut. This classic cut works best when sleek hair is styled into an attractive faux hawk. A low-fade haircut is a great way to achieve this dapper look quickly! Perfect for busy boys looking for elegant style in no time at all.

A low Caesar cut can also be an ideal solution for individuals experiencing premature balding, as its short bangs help cover any sparse patches on the scalp. Its easy upkeep pairs perfectly with various styles – you can slick back or spike up your locks for a classic or modern appearance!

Messy Top

Fohawk cuts for boys may no longer be in fashion, but pompadour cuts provide a trendy option that will leave him looking his best. A mid-fade fade should help create an attractive balance and simplify styling the top strands with a comb; add some texturizing products for texture, then scrunch it with your fingers for an authentic and messy finish!

The classic scissor cut is easy to style and will complement any facial structure. Boys with this short haircut can comb it forward for a sleek appearance or spike it up for special events or celebrations.

Long Blonde

Modern children strive to look their best, from choosing styling products to selecting an appropriate haircut that will look good and meet school standards. Parents can assist their children in this pursuit by selecting one.

A comb-over with fade is an effortless yet stylish haircut for boys that suits all hair types and facial structures. It works best with side parts and makes an impressionful statement about style; classic or trendy alike can wear this cut without issue!

Boys may benefit from opting for a disconnected undercut as an additional look option, which can be worn with either side parts, mohawks, or complex parts.

Textured Haircut

A fabulous textured haircut is a classic yet modern style for boys – great for creating trendy and timeless looks! Eliminating bulk from the sides makes this style easy for your child to maintain. A textured top adds volume, while tapered sides give this cut shape and dimension.

This style is ideal for boys with wavy or curly locks, as it can easily be styled into various looks. For instance, it can be worn as a faux hawk for an edgier appearance or styled back with a hard part for an understated appearance.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo can often be seen wearing a sharp pompadour with tapered sides that flatters all skin tones. This style can be worn slicked back for an elegant and classic appearance or styled spikily for more modern and contemporary looks.

Messy Curls

Messy hair boy styles offer boys with curly locks an effective way to show off their natural texture. Texturizing with wax or gel is essential, while adding a semi-matt finish adds style. This casual beachy style is perfect for younger boys who wish to appear neat without too much time styling their locks.

This haircut’s low skin fade highlights the shape of its curls, which can be further defined by tousling them after they have dried. Use some firm-hold hairspray for added hold to keep the locks in place.