Cookie Cutters Hair Salon

Cookie Cutters was established as a children-exclusive hair salon 1994, providing accommodations to accommodate children with sensory issues or special needs. Their stylists are specially trained to accommodate for these unique needs.

The salon offers an engaging haircut experience with playground equipment and fantasy chairs, from motorcycles to firetrucks, in-store playgrounds, and an extensive range of hair care products suitable for all ages.

Haircuts for Kids

Cookie Cutters is the only children-exclusive hair salon in central Ohio, catering to children ages 1-10. Their stylists provide everything from deep conditioning treatments with scented “hair toppings” to chocolate milk mani/pedis. They also sell natural hair care products to help parents keep their kids’ locks strong between haircuts.

One of the trendiest children’s hairstyles is a quiff. This layered hairstyle looks great with bangs, and requires minimal styling efforts and just some pomade or gel to brush forward.

Cookie Cutters is a franchise with a proven salon model in an ever-evolving niche market. Their interactive experience will keep kids returning, from an inviting playground where they can climb and slide while waiting their turn, to unique fantasy chairs like race cars or airplanes where they sit for their haircuts.

Haircuts for Teens

Teen years can be a time of experimentation and exploration, which Cookie Cutters recognizes by offering an enjoyable salon experience for kids to get their haircuts. They have an in-store playground, fantasy chairs like race cars and firetrucks, televisions so children can watch their favorite shows or video games during their appointments, and televisions equipped with TV screens to watch shows or play video games while having a haircut.

This natural side-parted long haircut could be ideal if your teenage boy has naturally wavy hair. Easy to style, this look can be worn to school or formal events without issue.

If your teenager has short, spiky hair, try this style made famous by Zac Effron from “High School Musical” and “17 Again”. This look works just as well for guys looking to add a unique element to their style.


Braids are one of the classic protective hairstyles. Not only will they keep hair out of your face and add style, but they also serve as an invaluable way to hide any damage to the scalp and add some flair.

To create the perfect braid, it’s essential to comb through and detangle your hair to avoid knots. Furthermore, dampening makes twisting clean sections easier.

As soon as you’re ready to begin braiding, divide your hair into three equal parts and start braiding. Cross the right section over the middle before taking a small piece from the left side and adding it outside your new middle area for a ladder look in your braid. Continue repeating this process until it reaches the back of your head.

Bang Trims

A bang trim is a quick hair service that keeps clients’ fringe looking its best between haircuts. This service can be offered separately or as part of an overall haircut package and should always be performed on clean, dry hair.

On average, hair grows about one-half inch each month, so regular trims will likely be necessary if you want bangs or fringe. Curlier textures may extend this service for longer than straighter strands but will ultimately require trimming more frequently than them.

Hair Care Products

Cookie Cutters is an exciting and high-quality kids’ hair salon located in Taylorsville. Featuring a play area for the children to play in and TVs in every station for watching shows and movies, as well as unique salon chairs shaped like trucks and cars for little ones, it provides children with an excellent hair salon experience!

This franchise provides haircuts for children, babies, and teens, braiding, bang trims, and braiding with professional products from top brands like Redken to help clients maintain their looks for longer.

This company offers turnkey marketing techniques, an experienced franchise support team, and online and classroom training for its franchise fee, startup costs, and initial inventory needs. Third-party financing is also available. Additional assistance with site selection/development, grand opening support/customer service support is also provided by them.