Common Haircuts For Men

Men often need help to describe the desired haircut when visiting their barber, making them uncertain about what they should request when visiting a salon for hairstyle services.

Quiff Haircuts:

A timeless choice that complements any fade, taper, or slick back style. The quiff requires close-shaven sides with three inches on top for optimal results.

Buzz Cut:

A low-maintenance option is popular with men looking to cut grooming costs. This haircut can even be done yourself at home if you have clippers.

Crew Cut:

A style that combines short hair on the sides and back with longer locks on top. It offers a stylish and rugged appearance that is highly adaptable.


Fades add dimension and variety to longer top hairstyles. However, it is essential to have an experienced barber or stylist execute this style.


The short pompadour is a classic yet modern look that requires less styling. It works well for round face shapes but may not be ideal for triangle face shapes.

Side Part:

It’s an iconic classic that looks fantastic on any man. It is perfect for special occasions and easily styled with minimal products.


It is an innovative take on the classic pompadour style with a shorter back and sides. The quiff can be styled in different ways to suit personal preferences.

Remember, bringing pictures as references is always helpful to avoid miscommunication with your barber and ensure they understand your vision quickly.