Colored Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs can add flair to your ensemble. Unlike synthetic wigs, they can be dyed to suit any style or skin tone. Before dying, bleach the wig’s locks. Then, choose between watercolor and brush-on dyeing for coloring.

Highlight Wig

Highlight wigs add depth and texture to your hair color, giving a mesmerizing appearance. They are made of natural human hair processed to become lighter and easier to manage. They can be styled long or short with curling or straightening irons. Use a mild shampoo, hair mask, or water-based styling spray to maintain their highlights.

Blonde Wig

Human hair wigs offer endless variations of blonde shades, from ash to platinum to golden and silver hues. Consider color, texture, style, and head measurements when selecting a wig. Different styles, like wavy, curly, straight, and various lengths, are available. Long bob wigs add volume, Beyonce’s spiral curls create a statement, and short chin-length styles provide elegance.

Dark Root Wig

This beige-blonde-rooted hairpiece adds natural depth and dimension without looking artificial. Crafted from premium human hair, it transitions smoothly from dark roots to light blonde strands. The lace front design allows flexible styling and an undetectable hairline. Rooted wigs can be dramatic or subtle. Raquel Welch offers a similar look with light maple syrup highlights against dark brown roots.

Colorful Wig

Colored wigs offer a range of options, from bright hues like pink or blue to more natural options like ombre or cascading styles. Choose a style that matches your desired shade. Care for colored wigs by regularly washing and conditioning them with suitable products free of sulfates. Luvemehair offers various colorful wig types and styles, so consider length, texture, and density when selecting your preferred look.