How to Wear Color 27 in Braiding Hair

Adding new hues can give your look an entirely fresh edge and revitalize you. Box braids with vivid hues will bring new energy and freshen up any outfit – giving your braids that extra boost they need for success!

Color 27 is an exquisite shade that stands out on women of color and is perfect for blending natural hair colors. Similar to honey blonde and strawberry blonde shades, Color 27 makes an incredibly impressionful first impression!

Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum pink is a classic pastel shade that will please those who adore cute pastel tones. You can take this hue as vibrant or subdued as desired for your hairstyles – making it versatile enough to suit many looks! Pink may never go out of style, but it is now experiencing a significant revival. Take a look at these show-stopping shades that demand to be noticed!

An audacious pixie cut in bubblegum pink can make an eye-catching statement, but if you’re nervous to commit, try the balayage technique instead.


Burgundy is an eye-catching hue that pairs beautifully with dark skin tones, though you must decide whether you prefer an all-over or more subtle effect. Employing a light brown or blonde base color will allow your burgundy locks to stand out and remain vibrant. Ask your stylist about shampoo and conditioner formulas explicitly designed to maintain healthy colored locks. Bold blue box braids are an eye-catching way to showcase the current burgundy hair trend. Keke Palmer’s statement features burgundy roots fading to red mids and peach ends for an eye-catching high-contrast finish.


Maroon braiding hair is a stunning shade that exudes boldness. This bold hue works excellent in many protective styles, from crochet braids to cornrows; this hue also complements various skin tones perfectly. Maroon is a deeper hue than burgundy, yet they both can work together to create an extravagant style. Maroon braiding hair makes an excellent shade choice for creating an ombre effect.


White braiding hair adds an elegant, classic aesthetic to any outfit, whether worn alone or with other colors, for an eye-catching look. It looks imposing, tied around dark locks. Many travelers who visit foreign countries enjoy immersing themselves in the culture by wearing clothing and trying the local cuisine, so why should hairstyles be any different?


Orange is the latest beauty trend that’s taking over. This fiery red-orange hue pairs perfectly with dark skin tones and can be worn in various hairstyles; if you don’t feel ready to commit fully, try opting for an ombre style instead! This pre-stretched Kanekalon Jumbo Braid comes in colors 350 Rusty Red, Burnt Orange, and D13 Rich Auburn for your selection. This braid has soft yet subtle kinkiness while being finer than most brands.


Purple hair is an elegant hue that complements every complexion perfectly, from women of color to those with darker complexions. This striking hue can bring out our inner femme fatale! Purple ombre braids offer an easy and noncommittal way to test out this trend, allowing you to keep your natural brown roots while adding accents of amethyst and pink throughout. Not only can this shade add dimension and depth, but it can also highlight eye color while making you appear younger!


Silver can be challenging to achieve due to its less-than-bright hue and cooler undertone, so professional stylist Sam Newberry (known for his work with Zoe Kravitz and other celebs) recommends lifting your hair to level 10 blonde before trying it; Yanchuk followed this advice when working on his client with a dark pixie cut!

Golden Brown

This golden brown shade is an ideal neutral option that flatters all complexions, whether worn casually or dressed up for special events. Additionally, this hue makes a fantastic statement piece and an excellent choice for girls who embrace personal style.


Black is an imposing shade that exudes strength and confidence, fitting well with all skin tones and suitable for many braid styles.