How to Style Collarbone Length Hair With Layers

Long, thick locks benefit significantly from layers, adding movement and volume to their locks. Ask your stylist to cut face-framing layers to accentuate your features and bring out their full potential. Add flips to the ends of your layers for fullness, and pair with bright color or balayage highlights for a stylish finish.

Loose Curls

Consider opting for a loose collarbone-length bob with layers to optimize your curl pattern. This style works exceptionally well on wavy or curly locks as it creates more volume in a feminine manner. Tight ringlets and coils make this length work well; tight corkscrew helix-shaped patterns to loose helixing are likely type 3A hair, while springy S-shaped patterns with fine to medium textures might indicate type 4a hair. Add extra dimension and dimension to a collarbone-length bob with loose curls by incorporating beachy waves. When adding these waves, you use a heat protectant and volumizing formula compatible with your hair type.


Bob, or “lob,” haircuts have long been considered timeless classics that work on all hair textures. From Jennifer Lawrence’s tousled blonde version to Priyanka Chopra’s sleek dark version, celebrities have adopted this timeless and versatile cut as part of their red-carpet looks, and women of all ages have taken notice, too! One reason behind its broad appeal is that the Pixie Cut is a highly flattering style for all face shapes and ideal for those with thin locks looking to add thickness. Furthermore, this look can easily be dressed up for formal events with low ponies and buns or pulled back into an elegant updo style.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers add volume, definition, and movement to a collarbone-length haircut. Stylists use large chunks of hair in defined but uneven or asymmetrical proportions for styling purposes and require some maintenance with pomade or styling wax at home for this modern style. Face framing layers are designed to soften and flatter your facial structure by creating longer strands at the front, counteracting any angles with longer strands at the tips. This versatile approach to layering allows you to wear this style with both wavy and straight locks alike. Ask your stylist to sculpt face-framing layers into your bob with an angle for maximum impact for an eye-catching effect. It is a versatile style that works well with any color!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a timeless hair trend that will add character and visual texture to any haircut, regardless of length. A curtain bang features an eye-framing fringe that falls around the temples, ideally with a center parting, though slightly off-center ruffles may also look great. The style is both bold and subtle, making a statement while remaining softly sophisticated. While dark shades work best to hide any signs of dryness or fading, for an eye-catching update, try gray hues that complement your skin tone – for low-maintenance but glamorous results! No matter your hairstyle – be it a classic bob or shaggy layers – adding wispy curtain bangs will instantly give your face an appearance of youth and vitality.

Graduated or Stacked Bob

A classic look that never goes out of fashion, the stacked bob with layers is a timeless and versatile and can be cut to your ideal length by trimming as needed. An inverted stacked bob is an example of how changing its length can give different results every time! This inverted style shows just that. Combine a layered bob with side-swept bangs for a chic look that flatters any face shape. Victoria Beckham made this stylish haircut famous and can help elevate anyone’s appearance to new heights.

Deep Side Part

No matter the length or style of your hair, a deep side part can make an outstanding style statement. Have your stylist use a rattail comb to divide your locks at least an inch away from where your natural part exists, creating a sophisticated yet chic style statement. Actress Maggie Q has demonstrated how a deep side part can draw focus to your cheekbones and emphasize the lower half of your face. To add drama, ask your stylist to add curtain bangs – which frame your face like window curtains. Layering medium-length hair is an effective way to enhance its beauty and make the style truly stand out. Add layers along with a dark brown hue and shadow roots for maximum effect.

Long Layers and Side-Swept Bangs

Long layers with side-swept bangs can provide structure and face-framing without going too short. This medium brown hairstyle combines wavy and straight elements for maximum texture and movement. Your stylist will cut layers to just above cheekbone level for this style, which can then be swept to one side or left naturally over your eyes for added feminine flair. This look adds feminine charm and dimension to any look!