5 Clown hair Accessories You Must Have For Any Clown Costume

Clown hair Styles for Different Clown Costumes

Clown hair is essential to any clown costume, giving the character its vibrant and exaggerated style. While tramp and hobo clowns typically stick to black, white, or gray wigs, Auguste clowns have more options to choose from.

Afro Clown Wigs for a Classic Look

This timeless accessory is a must-have for any clown costume. The afro clown wig is crafted with bright red, orange, yellow, or rainbow-colored synthetic hair. It has an adjustable elastic strap and lace netting to fit most heads perfectly. It can be worn alone or as part of a complete clown ensemble. For the best results, use a wig cap.

Get a Bushy Curly Clown Wig for Extra Hairy Vibes

Complete your clown costume with a white bushy wig featuring short, curly locks that fall in various directions. This wig adds a hairy element to your character, bringing them to life. It’s suitable for clown performances and other surfaces that require an additional fuzzy edge.

Create a Terrifying Look with the Freak Show Black Clown Wig

For a spooky twist, try the freak show black clown wig. This macabre wig is made of black synthetic hair, styled to resemble a decapitated afro or wild pigtails.

Unisex Afro Clown Wig for Some Groovy Fun

Add some flare to any clown costume with this mid-sized unisex afro clown wig. It’s perfect for children’s clown costumes or adding a touch of fun to any celebration. This eye-catching wig features high-quality synthetic hair and an elastic headband for a secure fit. It’s great for fancy dress parties, Halloween events, stag dos, or any festive occasion. To wear the wig, gently place it over your left ear, smooth out any lines, and style it with a hairbrush or comb. Be sure to wash and dry the wig before applying any styling products to avoid tangles.