Find the Closest Haircut Place Near Me

To save money on your next haircut, consider visiting a hair school or cosmetology class near you. They typically charge only a nominal donation, and their prices are significantly lower than regular salons.

Great Clips

Great Clips offers more cost-effective haircutting services, including lower prices than competing franchises and add-on services like shampoo scalp massages. To find one near you, use our nationwide salon database.

Great Clips is a casual salon offering affordable haircuts to adults and kids at reasonable prices. Their stylists are highly-trained professionals offering haircare services and selling professional styling products. Customers can use the mobile app to check wait times and book appointments. In addition, Great Clips will send personalized offers, product promotions, haircare tips, and styling recommendations directly into customers’ notification inboxes!

Great Clips offers over 4,000 locations nationwide, making it one of the most accessible places to get a haircut. Their main objective is convenience – so anyone can walk in quickly and be served promptly. Their services are also affordable, and their website may even have coupons for haircuts!

Customers consistently rate Great Clips highly for quality and value, its convenient online booking system, and quick appointments with quick scheduling times. In particular, customers appreciate being able to schedule haircuts for both children and seniors online – you can even use the smartphone app from Great Clips to check in anywhere at any time!

Sport Clips

Sport Clips is a hair salon catering exclusively to men (and women). Their salons offer affordable services like cuts, styling cuts, shampoo scalp massage, and neck and shoulder massages, among other treatments that make the experience truly pleasurable. There are currently more than 1,850 Sport Clips locations nationwide, and you can use the map below to locate one near you; additionally, it displays opening hours, phone numbers, and directions for every location!

Sport Clips will typically charge approximately $13 for haircuts; however, prices can differ depending on your location and the services rendered by Supercuts. One at these full-service salons typically costs more – on average, approximately $15.

Try a Triple Play or MVP package, which offers extra treatment time during your haircut experience. This package provides a steamed towel treatment and shampoo scalp massage – two treatments sure to make you feel like an MVP! To save time waiting in line, the Sports Clips app makes checking in and selecting your stylist easier than ever!

As an additional tip, bring a picture of your desired style for reference to your stylist. Alternatively, ask for their input.


Supercuts is a salon chain offering haircuts, styling, and hair color services at competitive rates at convenient locations. Plus, they have an app that lets you check in and receive alerts regarding wait times and request stylists that may be available – free to download, so you don’t waste any time waiting in line for service!

Supercuts stand out with its no-appointment-necessary policy. Many hair salons require appointments; with this policy, you can show up anytime without being turned away, making it ideal for busy individuals who can’t plan their schedules.

Supercuts offers more than just haircutting services – they also sell products to help maintain your new looks, such as shampoos, conditioners, leave-in products, and styling tools! Their offerings cover shampoos for color-treated hair and different hair types – and feature professional brands like Redken, It’s a 10, TIGI, and Nioxin, among others!

Supercuts is dedicated to treating its employees well, offering paid training sessions, and encouraging a family atmosphere among its staff members. Furthermore, Supercuts takes great pride in listening to customer feedback and resolving any issues as quickly as possible – this ensures quality is never compromised and gives customers an enjoyable experience!

Supercuts provides an innovative service model that blends the efficiency of barbershops with the low prices of beauty salons. Their service has proven worth over four decades, giving budget-minded people an ideal way to look great without breaking the bank. Their website lists local salons offering assistance, making finding one quick and straightforward.

Supercuts is known for providing quick haircuts with minimal or no wait times in most locations. Their fast haircut service is made possible using a system that segments customers’ hair into sections to be cut quickly and accurately. Their founders also created an effective technique to reduce cutting time while making it more straightforward for stylists to replicate similar cuts.

Independent Salons

Independent salons are hair salons owned and managed by individuals rather than corporations. They typically provide various beauty services, including haircuts, coloring, styling, and accepting walk-ins or appointments. These salons often also provide other cosmetic and beauty services, including nails, makeup application, and waxing, in addition to selling shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray products. Their hairstylists and cosmetologists tend to be self-employed; therefore, they must pay their taxes and insurance. Renting booths or chairs from larger salons where other cosmetologists work is another option, as is renting towels, shampoo bowls, and hydraulic salon chairs from the owner – in exchange for an annual or monthly rental fee, of course!

Salon ownership can be an immensely profitable venture for talented and determined stylists. Yet, its ownership presents several obstacles, including client acquisition and overhead expenses, training requirements, licensing needs, and restrictions. Overcoming these hurdles requires a sound business plan and an understanding of the local market.

Establishing a hair salon requires careful planning, research, and hard work. No matter whether your goal is to run an independent or franchise salon, selecting an operating model that aligns with both your goals and skill level is critical. Furthermore, consider whether you will run it solo or hire help as needed.

Establishing a budget will be essential to its success if you plan to open your salon. Your budget should serve as a guide when determining which services to offer and at what rates, startup costs, and breakeven analysis calculations; additionally, it should help when consulting a financial professional when creating it.

Selecting an optimal location for your salon is vital to launching a new business. Your salon’s location directly affects its profitability; therefore, it is wise to research demographics in the area. A salon that focuses on targeting specific audiences will fare better.