Classic Short Haircuts For Men

Ruby Rose’s Effortless Pixie Cut

Ruby Rose demonstrates how a chic and low-maintenance pixie cut can look effortless. Her feathered style is carefree, while side-swept bangs add feminine detail.

Thicker Hair with High Skin Fade

Combining a high skin fade with a quiff or comb over can make thin hair appear thicker. Texturized crops and complex parts add volume and body to short haircuts.

Classic High and Tight

The high and tight is a classic men’s haircut featuring short, sleek hair on the sides and back. This style is ideal for men who want a low-maintenance look. Adding fades or faded stripes can give it a modern twist.

Military High and Tight

The military high and tight style is popular among soldiers and cadets. It typically has longer top layers while remaining neat and tidy. Matte products like Regal Gentleman Matte Clay are perfect for styling this look.

Thick and Wavy hair with High and Tight

The high, tight cut is perfect for men with naturally thick or wavy hair. It adds depth and dimension with just a bit of hair wax or leaves the natural waves unstyled. Beards can complement this look.

Enhancing High and Tight for Curly or Textured Hair

While the high and tight cut suits most hair types, curly or textured hair might lose some of its unique appearance due to this style, adding a hard part or other details can add contrast and interest.

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a variation of the high and tight style. It features shorter sides and back with a straight bang with consecutive ends. Styling with hair wax or leaving the hair natural adds volume and character.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut keeps hair short while offering styling options. It combines a crew cut with a clean taper fade, making it ideal for medium to short hair. Styling options include wearing it down or adding volume with a quiff or pompadour.

Styling and Versatility of Ivy League

The Ivy League style is highly adaptable, and suitable for any suit or shirt for an elegant look. Its shorter sides and back help conceal receding hairlines. Faded sideburns can add an edge to this classic style.

Enhancing the Ivy League with Texture and Volume

Adding texture or movement to the Ivy League style gives it extra character and makes styling easier. Ask your barber to add volume at the crown for a standout look.

Easy Maintenance of the Classic Short Haircut

The classic short haircut is easy to maintain, including the high and tight and Ivy League styles. Use products like Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to keep your hair in place for a tidy finish, or leave it messy for a casual vibe.

The Barbarian Warrior Woman

Not all haircuts suit everyone, so finding one that complements you is essential. The Barbarian style is a shortcut that exudes strength and beauty, with honey-blonde layers and rough textures.

The Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a flattering and stylish option for many face shapes and hair textures. Opt for short, piecey bangs or a side part for a classic look. Natural wavy textures can be highlighted without straightening.

Karlie Kloss’s Sexy Chin-Length Bob

Karlie Kloss’s latest chin-length bob is sexy and trendy. The choppy layers add depth, and the length makes styling easier. Instagram users were impressed with this haircut.

Adding Fade for a Bolder Blunt Bob

A fade to the blunt bob adds dimension and helps conceal blemishes on the sides. Experiment with bold colors like purple for an eye-catching pop.

Two-Toned Coloring for a Striking Blunt Bob

Create an impression with two-toned coloring. Halle Berry rocked this look at the 2021 Oscars, using a light blonde hue for the lengths and a darker shade on the front sections.

Maintaining a Blunt Bob

Invest in high-quality products to protect and enhance your blunt bob. Use a hair oil for hydration, strong hold wax for a sleek look, and an intensive hair mask for added protection and repair.