How to Style a Classic Men’s Haircut

A classic men’s haircut exudes sophistication when worn with an impeccable suit. To achieve this style, the hair must be shorter around the sides and back, yet longer on top to form a swept-back pompadour style; therefore, this cut works best on those with thicker locks.

Madame du Pompadour made the pompadour famous some centuries ago; its popularity spread rapidly over time and it quickly became one of the most versatile styles that could suit most types of hair.


The Pompadour haircut is a timeless classic that complements almost all male faces, perfect for making an impression and appearing confident. It pairs perfectly with both formal attire (such as suits ) and more casual clothing like T-shirts.

Stylers may opt for this look by brushing back their locks and finishing off with quality pomade. This method helps keep the hair in place throughout the day, and is particularly popular among celebrities such as Jon Kortajarena and Zayn Malik.

To achieve this look, the sides and back must be shortened uniformly or faded while leaving the top section longer, creating an obvious contrast between their length on either side.


The quiff haircut is an extremely flexible style that can accommodate different aesthetics and hair types. Though longer quiffs may require additional time and product to achieve, they create an eye-catching style suitable for professional as well as informal situations.

To create this look, ask your barber to leave four-to-five inches of growth on top while shortening hair at the back and sides without creating a fade or disconnected cut. Finally, finish it off by applying strong-hold hairspray and smoothing out any flyaway strands by hand to give your quiff its classic shine that perfectly encapsulates Ivy League styles.


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Flair haircuts for men feature short to medium length sides with taper fades, and long, combed forward or swept to one or both sides on top, often using mousse for texture and volume – perfect for showing off personality while remaining masculine and sophisticated!

Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is an ideal style for men looking for a sophisticated yet classic appearance. Typically, thick top layers with tapered side sections create this chic hairdo, which can also be styled spiky to give the bowl cut an updated feel.

This bowl cut variation is more mature, suitable for curly locks. It combines slicking back the design with low fades and side part.

This variation on the classic bowl cut for men with short hair offers an elegant solution: Sides are shaved down to skin level while the top layer remains longer for an eye-catching fuller appearance.

Swept Back

A swept-back hairstyle is ideal for those who seek an understated yet refined aesthetic. This look works best with straight, medium-density locks; however, curlier or natural textures may provide an even more relaxed aesthetic.

Ask your barber or stylist to shave hard parts onto both sides of your head for a more modern and defined appearance. Brushing back top hair will blend effortlessly into faded side locks for an all-in-one clean-cut appearance.

This men’s haircut epitomizes both virility and sophistication. It looks fantastic on all face shapes and works great with any beard or mustache style.


As there are so many hair styling products on the market, navigating your way through them may feel like an endless maze. A pomade is essential when creating classic, swept back, or formal styles; use one as part of your arsenal.

Traditional oil-based hair pomades provide high shine and hold, which may be difficult to wash out. Modern water-based pomades offer similar styles while being much easier to apply and remove.

hair wax is an ideal product to create edgy styles with ease, providing a flexible hold that defines coils while eliminating frizz. Furthermore, its wide array of lengths and textures makes it suitable for even fine or thin locks.