Classic Haircuts For Women

Getting a layered haircut

A layered haircut will give your long locks a sleek, effortless style.

Choose between Sandra Bullock-inspired straight collarbone bob or long layers framing your face, as seen in Viola Davis’ look.

There are two options: a straight collarbone bob inspired by Sandra Bullock or long layers framing your face like Viola Davis.

Medium-length locks look beautiful with classic wavy lobs

Classic wavy lobs complement medium-length locks and add a feminine touch.

Middle-parted lob

A middle-parted lob is one of the most iconic classic haircuts for women. It flatters most face shapes and all hair textures.

A-line bob

The long A-line bob is a timeless style suitable for medium-thick hair and all face shapes. It looks best with deep side parts and soft balayage highlights.

Layered bob

The layered bob is an easy and stylish hairstyle that adds dimension and depth to your locks. It works well with most hair colors.

Inverted bob

The inverted bob is a versatile hairstyle that can be fun and feminine. It adds volume to the crown and works best for thick hair.

Bob with bangs

A classic bob haircut with bangs is low maintenance and suits any face shape. It adds femininity and can be styled with a sleek appearance.