Trendy Hairstyles For Chubby Faces

Long Pixie Cuts with Angled Bangs

Long pixie cuts with angled bangs can help slim down chubby faces with their long length and beautiful shoulder-grazing length, while platinum hues look wonderful against this look.

Curtain Bangs for Chubby Faces

Curtain bangs for chubby faces work well when worn in a messy bob, adding drama. Additionally, this flattering hairstyle makes styling into a topknot easier.

Crochet Faux Locks

Crochet faux locks are perfect for women with excess weight, creating a slimming effect and framing their faces naturally while providing an instant boost to confidence. To achieve this look, apply texturizing spray to washed and dried hair after styling it with a braid. Comb back the braid before tying it into a high ponytail. Crochet faux locs feature a rough texture that replicates natural locs. Installation takes less time, and maintenance is much simpler. This style is ideal for chubby girls looking to add length and volume to their locks.

Half Pony

A half ponytail is an effective way to keep hair out of your face and is easily styled using detangling brushes or styling spray. Its sleek style can be further emphasized with scrunchies or barrettes for an added splash of flair! Add some drama and elegance to this look by creating twisted strands on either side of the ponytail, adding extra glamor and making the style suitable for prom or any special event. Make an impressive statement at parties or concerts with this eye-catching look: accent your half-up ponytail with glitter to get noticed! It works with all hair textures, too, for added sparkle.

Crochet Braids

The crochet faux bob is an eye-catching style for blonde hair that adds texture while creating a chic appearance. It elongates the face and draws focus onto cheekbones and eyes, best at jaw length, with either a high or low fade haircut. Curly bobs pair well with dresses or casual T-shirts and jeans, framing your face naturally while making you appear happy. Additionally, this style works well with multiple hair colors and looks incredibly gorgeous if your locks have waves.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are adorable hairstyles that provide impeccable definition to chubby faces. Your stylist can craft you a layered pixie with shorter and longer pieces at different parts of your face for added volume that you can style and tease as desired. Ginnifer Goodwin demonstrated that a spiky pixie can add edge and sexiness to any look. You can style this style using volumizing mousse for effortless slick-back action and deep side partings. An alternative option would be a messy pixie with choppy layers to give off an easygoing and carefree vibe. Apply sea salt spray and scrunch your hair until you achieve the desired style.

Long Pixie with Old Hollywood Glamour

Long pixie cuts with longer sides and top hair are an ideal way to flatter chubby faces, providing a flattering frame around the facial features and creating a feminine vibe – especially when combined with an icy blonde hue like this model’s hairstyle. Long pixie cuts offer immense styling versatility so that no matter the texture of your hair, you can rock this style with ease. Sweep it to one side, add waves or curls, or twirl it for an irresistibly flirty effect; just be sure you use products and techniques tailored specifically for long pixie styles to do this style justice!

Short Twists

Short twists are a versatile protective style for natural hair that add both dimension and texture to any type. Perfect for summer festivals or special events! Try a high ponytail with short twists for an elegant appearance. This timeless style will help frame your face shape by adding height and diminishing the roundness of your cheeks. Start with freshly washed and dried hair treated with texturizing spray to achieve this look. Divide your locks into two sections and finger comb each before twisting the braids.