Chris Brown’s New Blond Hairstyles

Chris Brown wants his fans to appreciate his bleached blonde ‘do in a different light. On Sunday morning, he debuted it via social media.

Very Blonde Haircut

This chin-length blonde haircut is an ideal solution for people with round faces, as it creates the appearance of an angular jawline. This bold hairstyle can easily be styled with beards for an added edge.

Brown is known for sporting blonde locks as his signature look, which suits him well, especially against his dark skin tone. Additionally, he has dyed his locks many different hues, including blue and purple, to accentuate this character feature.

This blonde hairstyle features a classic mid fade with an easy brushed-up top featuring longer locks with textured, volume-boosting hair strands for texture. This hairstyle can easily transition between casual and formal events alike!

Baby Curls Haircut

This hairstyle pairs a short Pompadour with a high top and shorter sides with baby curls to create an eye-catching style for casual or special events. High-hold styling products may be used to add definition and texture.

Brown is well-known for his daring styles and colorful hair. He has tried various color strands from black to blonde and facial hairstyles like beard and mustache growth. Recently he introduced his signature rainbow-colored style, which many fans compare with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s unique look.

This hairstyle is ideal for children as it requires little upkeep. Cornrows or twists are easy to secure their curls, taking far less time and effort than longer styles when untangling them.

Long Black Braids Haircut

Long black braids are an elegant and straightforward hairstyle to manage. Wear them for fashion or create an eye-catching appearance; regular trimming and conditioning sessions will keep them looking their best! Or add color for an additional special touch.

Chris Brown has colored his locks multiple times with red, blue, purple, and green dyes – creating the appearance of an angular jawline and further emphasizing his features. These colorful locks serve to highlight Chris Brown’s face.

Brown also features a beard and mustache to complete his look, making this style suitable for men who wish to showcase their personality and sense of style.

Black and Purple Haircut

Purple streaks in black hair provide a simple way to add some color without overdoing it. This dark and light shade looks great with any haircut style – from bob to short pixie!

Brown was well known for his signature pink and blue pixie cut, yet he also experimented with different hues and styles – even trying out his first blonde somber for fun!

Buzz Cut

This buzz cut is perfect for men looking to make an impression impression. Pairing well with goatees, this style allows you to use pomade to add style. For an authentic appearance, bleach the sides and back of your head while leaving the top unbleached for a natural appearance.

Side Part Fade Haircut

A side-part haircut is a timeless and trendy hairstyle that complements virtually all styles. This popular look features short sides with longer top sections, which can be colored in various hues to complete its unique aesthetic. Although low maintenance, regular trims must still take place to keep it looking neat.

If you want to add a dash of edge to your side part, ask your barber to shave in a hard line at your position. This can give a gritty, bad-boy vibe that pairs beautifully with goatees.

Chris Brown recently surprised his Instagram followers by debuting rainbow-colored locks similar to New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s iconic locks, and it is sure to make an impressionful statement.