How to Style a Choppy Pixie Haircut

Gorgeous silvery tones add dimension and femininity to this feminine pixie, featuring long layers on top that taper down dramatically into a close-cropped nape. It can be styled pompadour-style for bangs or side parted for side parting options.

Add some edgy spikes and a dark shaved fringe for an eye-catching, dramatic style with this choppy pixie haircut, ideal for women who dare to be daring with their hair! This bold statement style makes an impressive first impression – making this choice especially suitable for spirited individuals!

Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixie haircuts can make any woman look feminine. Shaved on the sides and with slight layers chopped at the top, these styles create an eye-catching style that works particularly well when worn with bangs.

An asymmetrical pixie haircut becomes even more fashionable when colored with chunky highlights, creating an eye-catching modern punk hairstyle. Women with thin hair can take inspiration from Cailee Spaeny and rock a short, choppy layered pixie with side-swept bangs for an eye-catching style! Add some texture with styling wax for added dimension, and you have a beautiful outfit!

Side-Swept Pixie

Pixie cuts that feature longer top layers that taper into tapered sides or even have their nape shaved can create an eye-catching contrast, both sexy and stylish. Longer top layers can also be styled back or swept to one side for a sassy look.

Choppy textures can be controlled using hairsprays and other products for a more voluminous finish, and they also work great if your natural waves need additional volume. This haircut works equally well on straight and curly locks alike!

Sleek Straight Pixie

Pixie cuts offer many styling possibilities for framing the face in various ways. This example shows how an elegant pixie can look with long side bangs that can be styled swept to either side or spiked up for more dramatic effects.

The sides and nape are carefully cut close, while the top has long, angled layers that can easily be styled using hair wax or pomade. This look embodies sophistication while remaining feminine at once – guaranteed to leave an impressionful first impression!

Thick and Coarse Pixie

A pixie haircut can bring out its fullness when your hair is thick and wavy. Use this cut to add volume, texture, lift, and movement – particularly when styled with side bangs!

Textured pixie cuts can look chic even with short locks. Use the base pixie as the foundation for creating multiple layers and textures to achieve this stylish style. Achieve this sexy style through messy or sleek styling depending on how much product is applied or moisture levels in the air.

Texturized Pixie

A textured pixie with a side-swept bang adds feminine style. Slick it back for a sleek appearance or mess up its layers using a texturizing product and blow dryer to get an eye-catching spiky effect.

Your stylist will lighten the texture to make layers airier and more delicate, creating an eye-catching choppy pixie that will boost confidence and open up your beautiful features. The result? A stunning haircut to increase the volume of this trendy choppy pixie and reveal its true potential!

Long Layered Pixie

Long layered pixie haircuts exude chicness while remaining girl-next-door-esque. Ideal for thick locks, this length works with many hairstyles.

Utilize a volumizing mousse or thickening tonic to add definition and texture to your pixie cut before blow-drying it. Experiment with creating an eye-catching style by layering front bangs or tousled face-framing pieces voluminously; this works particularly well when worn under hats.

Long Pixie with Side Bangs

An extra touch of asymmetry adds dimension and dimension to this long pixie cut style, so play up its texture using texturizing spray or sea salt hair pomade. Fluff up longer layers for an undone, tousled effect.

A choppy pixie haircut can be worn for any special event and works beautifully on all facial structures, providing the ideal girl-next-door style with just enough flair.

Platinum Blonde Pixie

Platinum blonde pixie cuts can help those with thin locks add volume. Their textured layers create an edgy look that frames the face beautifully, making it an excellent option for any special event.

No matter who you are – an elegant lady or an ever-rebellious teen – there is a blonde pixie style for everyone! This style requires minimal upkeep yet can add flair through an undercut and other distinctive techniques.

Create an effortless style by giving your pixie cut a wispy, textured look with dark roots for balance and depth.