5 Trendy Hair Colors You Need to Know

Chocolate brown hair color: An easy-to-maintain shade that works well with regular touchups. Use TRESemme Root Touchup Spray (Dark Brown) to conceal gray areas and refresh your natural hue.

Copper highlights: Add shimmer to dark chocolate locks for an eye-catching contrast. This works best for women with cool skin tones, regardless of hair length.

Lilac: A trendy color this year, wildly styled as an ombre hairstyle. Requires lightening dark locks before applying lilac hair dye.

Caramel: A hair color that lightens brunette locks without being fully blonde. Enhances natural pigments and softens features, suitable for all skin tones.

Indigo: An all-natural solution to darken hair and prevent premature graying. Made from the leaves of Indigofera tinctoria plants, it lasts 12 weeks with regular usage.

High-Gloss: Hair gloss adds soft layers of color without the commitment of dye. Protects strands from sun damage and provides a revitalized and glossy look.

Peek-a-Boo: Highlights applied beneath the top layer of hair for a creative change. Only visible when wearing your hair up adds brightness to any style.

Money Piece: Balayaging front strands of hair with lighter hues to highlight and add dimension. Works well with any haircut style and all skin tones.