Revamp Chin Length hair With Glimmering Highlights

Refresh your chin-length locks with a fresh cut and vibrant highlights for an eye-catching It-Girl vibe. This style suits a range of face shapes and features, adding chic vibes to any look. No matter your style preference – straight, center-parted, and glossy or deep side parting – this chic style provides ample styling options. Pair it with nonchalant fringe and curtain bangs for an updated take on classic beauty!

Asymmetrical Asymmetrical Asymmetrical Showcase your quirky side with a choppy, asymmetrical bob. This intentionally uneven cut adds texture and interest to your chin-length mane while accentuating sharp angles in square or boxy faces. Asymmetrical is defined as two sides not matching perfectly, which is the same with this charming angled chin-length haircut. Try pairing it with a face-framing fringe or a straight bob to achieve balance for your sharp features. If you have a heart-shaped face, an asymmetrical bob with long side fringes may be needed to bring out its best features and highlight your jawline like no other style can! Be sure to bring photo references (we suggest browsing Instagram!) when visiting your stylist!

Layers and Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs frame your face to draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes, drawing in focus. They work great for all hair shapes, elongating long faces while slimming round ones. This style can also be easily managed according to personal taste – from thick to wispy or barely-there volume!

Modernize your style with ombre curtains for an understated color blend that adds dimension and depth. Use ombre dye to achieve various hues, from natural blonde and brown shades to vibrant pinks and purples for maximum impact.

Chic Angled Bob

A chin-length angled bob is ultra-feminine and chic. If a layered angled bob might appear too choppy on your face shape, ask your stylist to add extra layers for a balanced, sculptural effect. If you want your locks to appear full and healthy, try opting for a honey blonde hue. This shade highlights your strands without making them appear brassy, adding depth and dimension even for thin locks. Switch up your look with this copper-angled bob, which features softening angles to beautifully accentuate your collarbone and cheekbones. Ask your stylist to incorporate subtle balayage highlights for this stunning style!

Face-Framing Afro

If you want a chin-length layered bob that exudes elegance and fashion-forwardness, opt for an angled cut featuring shadow roots for added depth. Pair this look with loose waves for a sensual style that balances modernity and classicism.

Afro hair has quickly become one of the year’s trendiest looks, so take inspiration from this chic chin-length style featuring an asymmetrical afro with flippy ends and rich chestnut highlight, as Naomi has. Add dimension with rich chestnut highlights for dimension. Finally, use a pick to direct curls in different directions for an eye-catching finish! If you like adding face-framing highlights but need more time to be ready for an all-over color upgrade, ask your stylist to use balayage techniques on just your bangs to lighten them. This subtle change will instantly improve the brightness of your chin-length bob while softening its line and softening your complexion.


The combination of this chin-length haircut’s sweeping fringe and choppy layers creates an exciting and flirty style, ideal for going out with friends or dating. Add an extra touch by incorporating subtle highlights – like Ciara has done here with her rusty copper highlights – into the cut to complete it. Flipped-out ends are one of this year’s trendiest looks, and chin-length hair is ideal for showing them off. A texturizing spray will help define and create an eye-catching finish in any chin-length bob style you use on it. Women who appreciate elegance will fall for this adorable, messy chin-length bob with sleek bangs to complete its stunning design.


The pageboy haircut, worn around ear level, is ideal for facial structures featuring an angular jawline. This look works best on straight hair textures and can be very sexy when paired with full, brow-skimming bangs. Add texture and dimension to a modern pageboy with strategically placed layers for volume and movement. This classic cut can look incredibly flattering on fine and thin locks! Add an eye-catching element with contrasting color accents. A rich red adds edge and flair to this sassy pageboy by Garcelle Beauvais’ strong jawline and high forehead. This chin-length version looks flawless against her skin tone.