Facial hair Styles For Men With Pointy Chins

Finding the appropriate facial hair style can help soften a pointy chin or lengthen a round face.

Full Beards

Full beards trimmed into square styles are great ways to add shape and definition to chiseled jawlines.


Goatees that extend below the chin and are styled like anchors work wonders on protruding chins.

Van Dyke Beard

Try switching up your look with a Van Dyke beard or chin strap.


Men with pointy chins can opt for a clean-shaven look that is sharp and defined.

Van Dyke Beard

As another option, why not give the Van Dyke beard a try?


Designer stubble is a rugged, rough, and masculine beard style often associated with three days’ worth of facial hair growth that has been shaved off.

Chin Strap

The chin strap beard style combines your mustache, goatee, and chin curtain into one etch-a-sketch outline for easy maintenance and patchy growth.

Duck Tail

A ducktail beard is a unique facial hair style that mimics the appearance of a duck’s tail feathers.


The Bandholz Beard

The Bandholz beard is an unusual style of a full beard that features an elaborate beard and handlebar mustache with curled ends, usually to create a distinct appearance.


A Chevron mustache can make you stand out in a crowd, and people will notice its distinctive look.

Semi-Horseshoe Mustache

A semi-horseshoe mustache has a broad base that tapers towards the corners of your mouth, similar to that found on horses but with less angular lines and definition.