4 Cool Kids’ Hairstyles

Kids’ hairstyles can be fashionable yet simple to maintain. Additionally, they can showcase each child’s individuality while looking great when accessorized with accessories.

Fauxhawk Haircut

Bring out her dapper and stylish side with a fauxhawk haircut – this chic style resembles that of a mohawk but is more delicate and refined. This adorable look is a great way to keep your child’s hair out of their face. It features a side part with taper fade and shaved lines for a modern, sleek aesthetic.

Middle Part

The middle part is an elegant hairstyle that suits any length. Perfect for framing facial features and easy to revert to, making this timeless choice. Although this style may be unforgiving for those with less-than-ideal facial features, it works beautifully on most children. Furthermore, its sleek finish provides the ideal finishing touch. If you need clarification on whether a middle part is appropriate for your child, try it on her for yourself and see what works. Before deciding, evaluate her color, texture, face shape, and hair length preferences. Pairing your middle part with curls for an elegant look that draws attention to cheekbones and eyes, but it may create an overwhelming look that’s best avoided altogether for thin or delicate strands.


The brushed-back hairdo makes for an excellent look on little kids. Boasting an effortless yet chic style with its smooth fade and side parts, this haircut can add style to casual or formal attire. Furthermore, its simplistic styling relieves parents of stress in dealing with messy locks! Scissor cuts with tight brush-ups are an excellent way to communicate youthfulness in boys and add personality and variety to their looks.


Fringes are pieces that hang down over the forehead. While most fringes are straight in nature, they can also be shaped into an arc for added texture or left unruly for texture. Fringes also serve as textile trim that can be applied directly onto garments. This playful children’s hairstyle is an excellent option for juniors with short to medium-length locks, featuring two tiny half pigtails secured using multiple pom hair ties. Easy maintenance comes from creating central partitions using rat tail combs from just behind the base of the fringe and using bobby pins to secure any flyaways.


Kids looking for stylish yet simple style should opt for a bob with curls. Apply some lightweight product before blow-drying, brush out, and add a few sprays of hairspray for added volume and flyaway control. This style looks good on both blonde- and brunette-haired children. Gathering their hair into a ballerina bun is a fantastic way to give your child a beautiful look in minutes! This casual yet playful bun features face-framing flyaways for added playfulness – and is an ideal style choice for children with short locks. Add small, upside-down braids to your little girl’s ponytail for a fun and unique way to elevate her style. Not only does this adorable style keep hair out of her eyes when attending special occasions or playing outdoors, but it looks more sophisticated than your average pigtail. It can even be worn without or with bows!