How to Draw Chibi Hair

Chibi (pronounced shik-bee) is an insulting word that refers to anime-inspired characters with large heads and tiny bodies, but it can also be harmful in inappropriate contexts.

To start sketching a chibi character, draw a large circle for its head. Next, under its main body, draw two vertical rectangles as legs. It was finally, using construction lines as guides to outline realistic-looking eyes using more precise shading techniques.


Chibi characters are childish versions of anime and manga characters. Their style can be used comedically for comedic effect or to emphasize particular characteristics or emotions within their design; typically, about hairstyles, they use simple lines for an adorable appearance.

Chibi heads typically range between two and one-half in height, while their bodies are smaller and marshmallow-shaped. Their legs and arms tend to be short with limited or no functionality.


Chibi proportions are designed to create an adorable and childlike appearance. They can be achieved by lengthening the torso while shortening limbs or exaggerating certain features such as eyes and ears. Chibi figures may also feature simplified fingers and toes, emphasizing their smaller size.

When drawing the hair of a chibi character, it is vital to keep things as straightforward and natural as possible. Doing this will increase the volume-filled locks of chibi characters while adding naturalness. Furthermore, leaving space between their head and their locks will add even more volume.


Chibi faces are highly expressive, adorable, and often used in anime and manga characters. Their attractive qualities make them popular choices, typically standing two and a half heads high with exaggerated proportions to create more rounded features. For instance, a typical Chibi character usually has a large head, large eyes, and shorter limbs.

Chibi characters often express themselves through their eyebrows and mouth. For a begging or puppy face, draw eyes like greater and lesser than symbols (