Cheap Kids Haircuts

Kids hair salons provide a welcome respite from this experience and ensure your child receives an outstanding cut without fighting or tantrums.

Utopia Barbershop

Utopia Barbershop in Whitestone, New York, provides affordable yet quality haircuts to children at a reasonable cost. Their friendly atmosphere welcomes adults and kids, while their highly trained employees take great pride in meeting each child’s individual needs while listening to and understanding customer wishes – tailoring each haircut precisely according to customer specifications.

This kid-focused hair salon features an assortment of toys for children to keep themselves entertained during haircuts, in addition to eco-friendly products and wall decors, at reasonable prices with discounts for the first haircuts available. This salon features two distinct sections: an old-school men’s barber shop and a toy-filled kids’ salon, designed to be sensory-friendly with dimmed lights and customized quiet clippers for quiet operation.

Barbers use soothing talking or singing songs to calm children as quickly as possible, with each haircut lasting seven to 15 minutes, which makes the process less daunting for little ones. Furthermore, their owner is a third-generation barber looking forward to providing his clients with the best services.

Rockin’ Locks

Pinkyz Salon has plenty to offer your child, with kid-friendly movies playing on its big screen, an extensive collection of toys, and plenty of prizes just waiting to be won by them! In addition to haircuts, music classes, and yoga are offered for young patrons. Their staff has extensive experience dealing with children, making their expertise invaluable when meeting your requests or accommodating any special requests from your little ones.

For an unforgettable haircut experience, Rockin’ Locks salon provides adorable kiddie salon appointments. Equipped with fun cars such as racecars and even mini taxi cabs, children aged 7-14 can watch movies while having haircuts blow, bubbles, or playing video games – plus , each child receives their prize bucket and lollipop from this family-oriented establishment!

If you want your child to experience the best haircut possible, plan it at a non-stressful time of day. Hunger or fatigue could cause tantrums during their haircut experience – try scheduling it for early morning when their mind will still be evident after a restful sleep cycle; also, ensure they wear clothing that won’t catch on scissors!

Milk and Cookies Saloon

Milk and Cookies Saloon is an ideal place for kids to get haircuts. Their staff are welcoming, patient, and professional – not to mention fun chairs such as cars, jeeps, and taxis that add extra excitement for young customers! Additionally, face painting services can be requested upon request, and newcomers receive a certificate and a lock of hair to take home with them upon their first visit!

Cozy Friedman founded this kid’s salon in 1994 to offer toys, eco-friendly products, and wall decor that appeal to children. Their experienced stylists can handle even the most restless youngsters with patience; furthermore, there are various safety protocols, such as temperature checks for stylists and clients, increased sanitization efforts, decreased capacity, and more.

The salon features children’s toys, such as themed cars and jeeps, toy swords and guns, and even a rockin’ rollercoaster. Packages range from ear piercings to manicures and pedicures – and their famous Cookie Cafe provides complimentary fresh-baked cookies and milk with each service! Their hall can also be decorated for birthday parties and other functions with different themes as per customer request.