Cheap Haircut Places Near Me

1. Barber schools

Cut costs can add up, but there are ways to lower them. One strategy is visiting a cosmetology school or barber program and using their low-cost service for public haircuts. Or consider visiting one of many discount salon chains that provide haircuts. They typically have locations nationwide offering cuts, styling, and coloring services.

Multiple barber schools have provided affordable haircuts to the public at reasonable rates; some even offer special rates for senior citizens. Students attending these programs learn the fundamentals of hair cutting and shaving and customer service skills and are provided with tools and products needed to start their careers; some programs even partner with employers to assist graduates in finding employment after graduation.

Students attending barbering schools are learning to harness their talent and skill into a viable profession. While some students may excel more quickly at this craft than others, most work hard to become successful professionals. Some barbers can work remotely from home or part-time, allowing more flexibility with their schedules.

Barbering is an increasingly popular career choice and offers newcomers many chances to enter the industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for barbers are projected to increase faster than average over the next decade, creating an excellent opportunity for those seeking flexible hours with great pay and benefits. Before enrolling in any barbering courses,, consult with a career counselor first.

2. KIMarie hair and Beauty Training Centre

KIMarie Hair and Beauty Training Centre provides haircuts starting at $8 and other salon services at a fraction of what most salons charge. Their main salon uses the same space as their training school, so if you request assistance from one of their trainees, you’ll get an affordable haircut while helping them gain experience cutting hair and styling it themselves. Otherwise, expect regular salon prices, which remain significantly lower than most places on this list.

Kcuts is another budget-friendly salon option; their express salons provide budget cuts in under 10 minutes and are located at the most prominent shopping malls. Their annual membership package for $25 can help save you money if your hair needs frequent visits to the salon – perfect if your high-maintenance locks need multiple monthly trips.

As for other low-priced options, Great Clips is a chain with over 1,250 locations throughout the US and Canada, boasting some of the lowest prices for most services, such as haircuts ($15 on average). Furthermore, their app allows you to check in and receive text alerts when it’s your turn!

Alternately, many independent salons provide affordable haircuts. Kizuna Image offers basic haircuts with shampoo for only $6 on short hair and $9 for mid-length to long hair; additional services such as coloring highlights or glazing may incur an extra fee; for deals in these local salons check discount websites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

3. Kizuna Image

Kizuna Image offers quality hair services at reasonable rates and has a rewards program with discounts for frequent customers. To maximize savings, look at Groupon or LivingSocial deals for haircut discounts – these could add up quickly over time.

4. H I Salon

Salons often provide more options when it comes to haircuts than barbershops, yet salon prices in New York City can quickly mount up. However, numerous affordable solutions still deliver great-looking haircuts.

Salon franchises are your go-to solution when searching for affordable haircuts near you. With nationwide locations and stringent quality standards, these chains guarantee consistent cuts at an economical cost – Great Clips is one of the most popular salon chains offering haircuts starting at $13. They also have packages such as MVP or Triple Play for added treatment time at roughly $4 extra per service.

Cosmetology schools or beauty academies may also offer cheap haircuts; these places are great for those who need quick trims to maintain healthy locks. Many of these salons employ students still learning their trade; as a result, these options tend to be much less costly than fully trained stylists.

Additionally, these establishments remain open late and offer convenient hours for those with busy schedules. Furthermore, regulars at one salon may even receive discounts as an incentive.

Finding a work-from-home stylist could also save you more on haircut costs. Some of these stylists work remotely and provide services at a lower overhead than traditional salons, enabling them to offer lower haircut prices than many salons. Check with friends and family for recommendations, or search for one in your area online.

5. EZEN Hair, Nail and Beauty

If you’re in the market for a haircut on a budget, try visiting a budget barber or salon. Popular chains such as Great Clips and Sport Clips provide affordable haircuts; local cosmetology or beauty school barbers may offer even better value due to not incurring overhead costs like traditional salons would. Plus, independent barbers will likely know you by name, potentially offering discounted services once you become regular!

Groupon can also be an excellent way to find discounts from a local salon or barber. Browsing daily deal sites, such as Groupon, can be an easy and efficient way to save on haircuts without taking much time looking. Plus, frequent customers at particular barbers or salons might offer you exceptional pricing if they know they were found through such deal websites!

Cheap haircuts don’t have to be an excruciatingly time-consuming affair – Great Clips offers basic trims starting at $15 with optional add-ons like hot towel treatments available for an extra $5 fee. Sport Clips and Supercuts provide similar services but with higher pricing than Great Clips.

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