The Curly Girl Method (CGM)

The Curly Girl Method (CGM) is an approach for healthy curly haircare that incorporates specific products and washing guidelines for use during maintenance. This routine offers advice for cleansing, conditioning, detangling, drying, and styling your curly locks.


CGM is a regimen that emphasizes using gentle cleansers to maintain curly locks and limiting products containing harsh surfactants that dry them out and create frizz. CGM advises minimizing additional drying techniques like combing or heat styling that might damage curls further. Some individuals following CGM report having oilier or greasier hair initially, which could be a telltale sign that your scalp is producing extra sebum to counteract the drying effects of sulfates. It could also indicate the need to regularly switch up their shampoo routine by clarifying shampoo or no-poo cleanser products. Note that CGM won’t change your natural texture; it will only enhance it and help create healthier locks with less frizz. So, if your locks are curly already, CGM may only strengthen them and create more beneficial waves instead.


Most CGM routines start with clarifying shampoo to strip away silicones, waxes, and drying alcohols that clog your curl pattern. After shampooing, “co-washing” with an approved conditioner (such as argan, avocado, coconut, or olive oil) should follow for optimal results. Curly hair types who have thicker or drier tresses may benefit from receiving a light deep conditioning treatment to keep their locks moisturized and avoid frequent washes, comb usage, and heat styling, which will lead to dryness, frizziness, or breakage. The goal should be reducing washes, comb use, and heat styling that causes frizziness or breakage and keep their curls more manageable. Detangle with fingers or wide-tooth comb if necessary; avoid pulling. Many also add leave-in conditioner and/or oil post-co-wash for maximum softness, shine, and hydration. Remember that CGM is not an overnight fix; results typically show up 4-6 weeks later, so be patient while exploring what works for your hair and lifestyle!


Detangling curls is often one of the more challenging parts of CGM. Done incorrectly, detangling can cause unnecessary breakage, leading to dry hair and scalp conditions. Using the appropriate products and techniques makes this task much more straightforward. Detanglers like this have quickly become a favorite among curlies everywhere, whether as part of their pre-poo or conditioning routine. Packed with beneficial ingredients like marshmallow root, slippery elm bark extract, and glycerin to help detangle effortlessly. Quaternium-80, a natural conditioning agent that helps combat frizz and leave hair feeling silky soft, is also included in this spray bottle for convenient application!


Many curly hair enthusiasts rely on the Curly Girl Method (CGM) to restore their wavy or curly locks to health. It consists of a product line tailored specifically for this method and guidelines for detangling, natural drying, and styling that help bring these locks back into shape. At CGM, the first step should be a clarifying shampoo to remove silicones and waxes from your hair, which is essential if you want your treatment plan to work. From there on out, avoid products containing harsh surfactants as these dry out your curls; limited shampooing as well as brushing and blow-drying your locks are other things that could disrupt their pattern are recommended as CGM also suggests limiting brushing or other actions which potentially dry or disrupt them out too much can harm their performance. Before washing your hair, applying a nourishing oil such as argan, sweet almond, avocado, or olive oil is beneficial to help ease the tension that causes tangles and facilitates detangling with fingers more easily. Furthermore, this helps prevent frizz and abrasions and protects against frizz or abrasions; additionally, light curl cream may reduce stiffness while increasing shine.