Celebrity hair Transformations This Spring

Maisie Williams

– The Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, rocks an eye-catching blue bob at Wimbledon.

Emma Stone

– Emma Stone, known for her natural beauty, experiments with different shades of red hair throughout her career but recently decides to go blonde.

Angelina Jolie

– Angelina Jolie sports an elegant shoulder-grazing bob with subtle waves, possibly for her role in the film “Poor Things.”

Lily James

– Lily James, known for frequently changing her appearance between roles, opts for a chic, cool-girl style with a short bob.

Charlize Theron

– Charlize Theron proves her versatility by pulling off any hairstyle, from fake baby bangs to bowl cuts.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

– Nadia Bolz-Weber surprises everyone by ditching her signature blonde bob for a reinvented mullet hairstyle.


– Ciara impresses her fans with her ability to rock any look, showcasing honey-blonde ombre faux locs styled into a pixie cut.

Emily Ratajkowski

– Emily Ratajkowski experiments with ombre vibes in her latest look, giving off a stunning effect.

Millie Bobby Brown

– Millie Bobby Brown, known for her tomboyish style, surprises everyone with honey-blonde locks and bob at the launch event for her beauty line, Florence by Mills.

Other Celebrity hair Transformations

– Kendall Jenner and Ireland Baldwin also recently transformed, changing their hair color to blonde.