How to Style Caucasian Short Hair

Voluminous Short Bob with Fringe and Newsboy Cap

This style is perfect for showcasing its texture if you have curly black hair. The voluminous short bob with a fringe adds extra control to those loose coils. To complete the look, try wearing a casual newsboy cap.

Variations for Different Hair Types

Asian people typically have straight, type 1 hair, but this style can also work with waves or curls. Africans usually have type 4 kinky or oily locks.

Eye-Catching Twists with Burgundy Braids

For a twist on your style, try thick burgundy braids. They add a pop of color and a flirty touch. Apply a leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, or gel before creating a twist out. Let the twists sit overnight, then undo them in the morning to reveal an attractive wavy pattern.

Twisted Updo for Braids and Protective Style

A twisted updo may be perfect if you love braids but want a different style for more protection. It also helps clump 2c to 3c curls into an effective protective manner.

Newsboy Cap for Elegance and Trendiness

Consider a newsboy cap if you’re looking for accessories to add elegance or trendiness to your outfits. This rounder version of the classic flat cap features puffier layers and a button for extra style points. It is also known as an English Baker cap or a baker boy hat.

Various Materials and Styles for Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps come in different materials, including Donegal Tweed and Harris Tweed stripes and cotton, linen, and silk blends. They have a shape similar to a flat cap but with rounder bodies due to the eight panels sewn together.

Medium Brown Shade and Balayage/Ombre hair Dyeing

A medium brown shade can add vibrancy to your locks if you prefer something less dramatic. Another option is balayage or ombre hair dyeing with caramel highlights, which look particularly striking on wavy or curly locks. These techniques can also help hide gray roots or add color to natural tresses.

Enhance Your Look with Blonde hair Extensions

If you want to transform your natural locks, try adding Caucasian hair extensions. Fusion extensions blend seamlessly with your scalp, resembling natural curls while being easy to maintain. Flip-ins or micro bead extensions also add dimension to your hair.

Styling Tips for Blonde hair Extensions

To enhance your blonde bob, leave loose tendrils at the back and front of your head. Use light brown bobby pins to secure them in place. For added drama, try balayage highlights combining golden hues for an extra blondeness effect.