caucasian 3b curly hair

Curly hair in the caucasian race is the most common type. It’s springy and voluminous. The texture is thick and coarse, with curls that resemble sidewalk chalk or permanent marker. Because it’s dense and coarse, 3B hair needs a styling product that will block humidity and prevent the strands from drying out too quickly. Often called “curly-coily,” this type of hair consists of tightly packed corkscrew-like curls.

Caucasian 3B Curly hair and Blue Anime Model


Caucasian 3B  is known for its tight, springy curls. It has an even texture and can range from bouncy ringlets to corkscrew-like spirals. Its texture is medium to fine and benefits from plenty of body and movement. The only major problem with this type is that it tends to frizz and can be dry and damaged easily. A good way to manage this type of  is to use products that can protect it from humidity.