Caucasian 3b Curly Hair

Type 3b Curls

– 3b hair is characterized by loose spirals mixed with corkscrew coils.

– This type of hair is prone to frizzing and dryness.

– It also experiences shrinkage and requires specific styling and product care.

Type 3b Hairstyles

– For 3b curls, a mix of tight ringlets and loose corkscrews is familiar.

– These tight coils make it harder for scalp oils to reach the ends, leading to frizz.

– Protective styles like box braids or pixie cuts can help keep curls hydrated and secure.

– Air-drying with a diffuser or plopping is recommended.

– Use leave-in conditioner sparingly to avoid crunchy and dry curls.

Type 3b hair Care

– It is essential to moisturize 3b curls to prevent dryness and frizz properly.

– Hydration and frizz control are similar concerns for 3b and 4c hair types.

– Finding a stylist specializing in curly hair can help with proper styling and care.

– Dry hair cutting and tailored shampoo and conditioner recommendations can benefit the curls.

Type 3b Haircuts

– Understanding your specific type of curly hair is essential for managing it effectively.

– 3b coils are looser and wavier than 3a curls or 4c zigzags.

– Regular moisturizing treatments are essential for maintaining manageability.

– Deep conditioning and curl-defining cream are recommended.

– Use silicone-free products to reduce frizz, and consider light oils like Jojoba oil.