How to Style Casual Wedding Hair

Before arriving as a wedding guest, there is much to consider, from selecting a dress to finding an appropriate hairstyle. No matter what length your locks or type of cut may be, there is sure to be something appropriate and elegant that matches any dress!

French Twists

French twists make an elegant yet casual wedding hairstyle choice, thanks to their polished yet relaxed aesthetic. To achieve them successfully:

This chic bridal look is one of the trendiest options for 2022 and suitable for women of all ages. It can be worn to wedding celebrations or semi-formal events like birthday parties.


Braids aren’t only adorable; they can also provide important protection to natural hair textures. Some braided hairstyles to consider are:

Half Updo

Half updos are timeless classics that add elegance and romance to any casual wedding. Some options to consider are:


A classic ponytail can be turned into a wedding-worthy hairstyle with the right texture and placement. Some ways to style it are:

French twist hairstyles are a fantastic choice for any gown style, providing grace, poise, and comfort for dancing all night long. This chic choice adds elegance to your ensemble without restricting movement!