Casual Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair has an undeniably charming appeal; it oozes sophistication while being very feminine and professional at once.

Crimped hair can make for an adorable, eye-catching look and has made a comeback since its original debut in the 1980s. Perfect for special events and more accessible than you may think to achieve, this stylish trend makes an impression statement about who you are.

Braided Side Ponytail

Increase the excitement of any casual party or outing with this eye-catching braided side ponytail, perfect for everyday events. Everyone will think you look like royalty when you backcomb the crown and pair this look with eyeliner, bold eyebrows, and pale lip color!

Try this twist on the classic ponytail if you want a versatile hairstyle that can quickly go from work to date night. It starts with a sleek low-side ponytail adorned with an eye-catching diagonal Dutch braid for added dimension – then hide elastic under a hair strand to complete this chic look!

Try this elaborate updo featuring three topsy-tail ponytails stacked atop each other for an eye-catching twist on the traditional ponytail style. Secure each twist section with a hair tie before applying hairspray for a polished finish – this looks ideal for formal events! This beautiful updo makes an unforgettable impression.

Loose Curls

If you prefer loose curly styles for your hairstyle, numerous casual yet chic options are fun and stylish. For instance, box braiding with light brown and blonde curly extensions makes for a delightful mix of styles; then, tuck the top locks behind one ear neatly for a neat finish, with loose strands framing your face beautifully for an attractive finish.

One way to wear loose curls is to tuck your hair in half into space buns with a zigzag middle parting and pin some loose strands so they sway in the breeze – it is casual and elegant, ideal for any special event!

If you want a striking hair color that will get people talking, dye your strands a lilac hue that fades to pastel purple midway down to the tips. This beautiful ombre look requires regular touch-ups to preserve its beauty and will require upkeep every few weeks to maintain its beauty.

Sleek Bob

A sleek, long bob is a professional must-have, exuding both confidence and sophistication. Wear it straight, or add some color with balayage highlights for maximum appeal – either way, this versatile style suits all hair types perfectly! A timeless example is this lovely platinum blonde bob with face-framing fringe; perfect for older women and professionals wanting longer hair but still want it looking chic and classy.

Ask your stylist for asymmetrical layers in your long bob to add drama. Asymmetrical stacked bobs with shorter sides and longer front pieces are trendy – especially if dyed boldly!

Women with fine or thin hair can still sport a long bob with face-framing fringe, provided their stylist adds plenty of light by using subtle baby lights and blow-drying their tresses flat for the smoothest appearance. If desired, texture can be added by creating tousled waves to your locks.

Center Part Braid

Try this pretty braided style if you’re tired of your standard high ponytail or seeking an exciting way to add a feminine flare. Pair a loose, face-framing tendril with an intricate fishtail braid for an eye-catching combo for brunch dates or any daytime event. Spray some Oribe’s Superfine Hairspray ($42) lightly over your locks to add lightweight texture that won’t weigh down your strands and hold them in place without becoming heavy or cumbersome.

Start by creating a tight cornrow braid at the center of your head, secured with clear elastic. Working from your left side, add new strands by crossing outside strands over each other until reaching the back of your head; each “fallen strand” you pick up can add a beautiful ladder effect! Continue until reaching the back of the head, where plaiting will complete the braided look.