Casual Curly Hairstyles

Long, messy curls create a casual yet stylish and carefree look. Minimal styling is required to achieve this look. Use a curl-defining gel or moisturizing spray to keep them under control and avoid looking unruly.

Low Fades with Side Parts

Low fade with side parts is an eye-catching style for curly locks. Achieve this look by using some pomade to brush up and style your hair like you would spiked hair.

Long Messy Curls

Whether your hair features tight rings or loose waves, adding texture with texturizing products can give a messy yet laidback style. Scrunching or teasing may help define the shape of your curls depending on their type. For long curly styles like Victoria Lake vibes, try deep side parting for maximum impact, or leave it off for a casual beachy feel.

Classic Caesar Cut

If your natural texture includes waves or curls, use the classic Caesar cut to show them off. This cut features gradual tapering on the sides and back, emphasizing long locks on top and creating an eye-catching dapper look. Pair this style with straight fringes and beards for an eye-catching yet refined aesthetic. It is also one of the most accessible low-maintenance styles for guys with textured locks.

Blowout Haircut

If you have short, bouncy curls, pair them with side-swept bangs for an effortlessly feminine yet playful look. Use a texturizing product to give your curly strands definition and hold. A blowout haircut is ideal for medium to long curly locks, creating a fresh and fashionable style without too much maintenance. Slick the longer sections back for an ultra-chic, sophisticated look, or style your curly strands into a pompadour or quiff for more drama.

Chignon and Pineapple Updo

On formal occasions, a chignon is the go-to hairstyle. Depending on your preference, create depending on your preference, create messy or elegant versions, , and dress it up with flowers or other hair accessories. A pineapple updo offers a casual yet chic hairstyle that shows off natural curls without over-disturbing them. It also gives your locks an airy and youthful appearance.

Hard Part

Complex parts are an indispensable element of modern hairstyles. They beautifully complement any length or texture of hair, especially with tapered sides. This style works well with numerous hairdos ranging from sleek and stylish to messy rocker-dos. It is easily maintained through regular haircuts and styling products.

Elegant and Fashionable Look

For an elegant and fashionable look, create a deep side part and use pomade to smooth back the roots. Add flair by twisting a small section of hair above your ear and securing it with a gold bobby pin.

Bold Pompadour

The bold pompadour is the epitome of classic and contemporary styling. The hard part creates an eye-catching contrast between the long top and hairline. Regular upkeep of this hairstyle requires frequent haircuts and styling products.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is an adaptable style suitable for various hair lengths. It adds dimension and texture to your look. Use Regal Gentleman Matte Clay hair styling products for the best results. Caesar cuts can feature extremely short or even sides and a longer top, giving men an ideal opportunity to showcase their hair color. They can also be combined with fades or tapers, with the high skin fade being one popular option for this style.

Facial Structures and Side Part

The Caesar cut suits most facial structures, but heart-shaped faces may find the forward brushing of hair less flattering. A side part works better with your hair’s natural texture and requires less upkeep than forward brushing. Add an edge to your Caesar cut with a high skin drop fade for an edgier finish!