Casual Curly Styles and Edgar hair Cut Design

A variety of casual curly styles are perfect for the casual day. Top knots and ponytails are an easy way to style your curly locks and are great for every occasion. This style can be pulled tight or left loose and styled with a rat tail comb. Both of these styles are easy to maintain and make great additions to any outfit. A top knot also eliminates the need for additional styling products and can be easily removed when you’re done with the day.

When it comes to casual curly styles, a simple bun is just fine. This easy-to-manage look will draw attention to your beautiful face. Wearing that loosely or in a bun can be very unflattering. You can even experiment with a chunky layering technique. This will give that some added texture and give you an edge that will make your first impressions memorable.

Casual Curly Styles


When you don’t have time to comb that every day, a casual curly style is perfect for those busy days. You can use a short cut with lots of layers to create volume and body for curly locks. This type of style is also easy to manage and is perfect for women on the go. A great way to achieve this look is to get that wet before styling it. In addition, this style will make you look fresh and stylish no matter where you go.