Carlos Boozer’s Hair Looks Like Shoe Polish

Carlos Boozer is well-known for many things, such as his disastrous attempt to cover his bald head with spray-on hair in 2012. Additionally, he’s renowned as both an Alaska native and a professional basketball player.

What Happened to His Hair?

Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls made headlines back in 2012 for entering a nationally televised game against Boston Celtics looking like he’d just put shoe polish on his head, prompting laughter among his peers and himself. Today on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” with Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones, he explained it all further. Someone had convinced Boozer to try out a new hair dye that looked like polish – only for it to turn out entirely embarrassing for him! After trying shampooing it seven times without success, he laughed about his misfortune and decided not to attempt that trick ever again!

Boozer Explains on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable”

Carlos Boozer, known for four seasons with the Chicago Bulls as an All-Star forward and for fleeing from a grizzly bear while growing up in Alaska and for being bald, is known for many things. Back in 2012, a slender power forward made headlines when he appeared for a nationally broadcast game looking as though someone had dabbed black paint or shoe polish onto their scalp and applied it with a brush. On ESPN’s “Highly Questionable,” host Dan Le Batard and co-host Bomani Jones quizzed Boozer about what transpired that evening – his response is quite entertaining – watch the video below for Boozer’s explanation; it’s pretty hilarious!

Boozer’s Shoe Polish hair Fiasco

Every time Carlos Boozer is mentioned, everyone recalls his hilarious appearance against the Boston Celtics with what appeared to be fake hair painted onto his scalp. It quickly went viral online and was later revisited when Boozer appeared on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones, where he provided an excellent explanation as to what had occurred – even admitting to using shoe polish!

Boozer’s Bad hair Day

On February 12, 2012, Boozer was seen sporting his hair in such a way as to suggest that he used shoe polish or Sharpie to add an artificial hairline – prompting criticism on social media and an appearance on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” to address it all. He and a friend received some unhelpful advice regarding dyeing their hair. Someone told them it would look similar to having a beard, yet instead looked more like shoe polish painted across his scalp. Boozer resembles Opie Winston from Sons of Anarchy; both characters belong to an outlaw motorcycle club called 1% and share an affinity for dogs, along with sporting bald heads, tattoos, and prosthetic arms (Boozer also has one). Boozer and Carlos team up together in an attempt to kill Carlos; however, a broken staircase prevents them from progressing upstairs to complete their mission; instead, they recruit another member named Deacon from their club and use explosives against a hydroelectric dam where Carlos’ Ripper’s hideout was hiding; this explosion leads them to success despite them going through and through.