Canvas Beauty Hair Growth Serum

hair serum can assist in keeping your locks healthy by protecting against dandruff and scalp infections and contains essential oils like capsicum annuum and camellia sinensis that help regulate blood flow while preventing premature graying. Thermal protectant also acts to prepare your strands for styling and control frizz.

How to use

Hair serums can boost your locks by making them shiny, soft, and easy to style. Plus, they can protect strands from heat damage and prevent breakage! However, for best results, hair serums must be used correctly; serum hair oil should only be applied to lengths rather than the scalp, which could result in blockages and build-up that could impede growth.

Before applying any hair growth serums, it is also advisable to wash your hair. Applying them directly onto dirty locks could trap dirt into your strands and make them appear oily or limp.

Applying hair growth serum on freshly cleaned locks will enable it to absorb nutrients without being weighed down by product build-up and environmental elements like pollution and dust that could otherwise alter its texture. It will also protect against corrosion, dust, and chemicals, which could change its texture negatively.


Canvas Beauty hair Growth Serum features four key ingredients – Capsicum annuum, Camellia Sinensis, Rosmarinus officinalis, and Linum – that have been proven to improve scalp health and boost hair growth by increasing blood flow. They also reduce dandruff, premature graying, and itching sensation on the scalp while protecting its health.

This hair growth serum also contains Castor oil for improved absorption of its other ingredients, and this patented infusion process ensures practical usage. Furthermore, this hair growth serum can be used by both men and women, and it’s safe for all hair types.

Availability and Benefits

This hair growth serum can be easily purchased online through various major e-commerce websites and has many regular users. The price is highly effective yet easily affordable for everyone. Additionally, coupons or discounts on offer may further bring down costs.

Hair growth serum can help your locks remain hydrated, reduce frizz, detangle more quickly, promote hair growth, and strengthen follicles. The ideal serums include natural ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and rosemary. It’s wise not to apply the serum daily as this could damage follicles and roots. Instead, use only once or twice weekly, as the best results may come from doing this.

Side effects

As with any product applied directly to the scalp or hair, using a hair growth serum may cause side effects. Most commonly, an adverse reaction may be caused by unique body chemistry, including allergies or sensitivities to its formula. It is always a good idea to test any product on a small patch of skin or hair before complete application, just in case of an adverse reaction. Although most adverse reactions are minor and temporary, more serious ones could lead to permanent hair loss. Therefore, utilizing high-quality serums containing natural and nutritious ingredients is crucial.