The Buzz Haircut For Men With Square, Heart, and Diamond Face Shapes

The buzz haircut is an effortless style to maintain, perfect for all hair types. Ensure you have access to quality mirrors, clippers with guards (and perhaps a trash bag to protect sink and carpet surfaces), and a razor for touch-ups.

Shaved looks are always fashionable for discerning men. No matter whether it is for an official black-tie event or simply drinks with friends, they make for an effortless style statement. Of course, specific face shapes may work better with buzz cuts than others.

Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes require men to choose hairstyles that emphasize their strong jawlines. This usually involves shorter sides and more volume at the crown, like in a pompadour or faux hawk style.

Kumail Nanjiani sports an elegant combover style with short sides and longer locks at the crown. It gives more volume on top while making styling easier without using too many products. His beard adds depth to his look, accentuating its square features further.

One style that works particularly well for men with square faces is the classic crew cut. This timeless haircut can be styled in various ways. Francis Ngannou let his upper sides grow out to blend from his lower fade, creating a sophisticated and stylish look with extra shape in his top layers, allowing him to achieve neat side parting.

Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead and narrower, pointy chin. In addition, these facial structures typically boast higher cheekbones than most other face shapes and might feature a widow’s peak at the symmetrical center of their foreheads. Given these distinctive characteristics, women with heart-shaped faces should avoid hairstyles that appear too short or blunt in appearance.

Heart-shaped faces may benefit from opting for a layered bob or medium-length style with side-swept bangs. The long strands help conceal forehead lines while emphasizing cheekbones.

If you have a heart-shaped face, try pairing a mid fade with pompadour for a timeless, stylish look that will remain fashionable year after year. To enhance its structure further, use products like pomade or wax to give more definition to your strands. This will further balance your forehead width while widening cheekbone height, giving a dapper yet classic appearance that never goes out of fashion.

Diamond Face Shapes

A diamond face shape is defined by wide cheekbones and a narrow jawline, creating a highly masculine aesthetic. Pairing this facial structure with an eye-catching buzz cut and beard will only heighten this effect. You can consider a high fade with a sweeping fringe or adding hair designs such as zigzags or diamond patterns into your haircut to add even further masculinity to this look.

A diamond face shape looks best with a textured crop paired with a Garibaldi beard. This is particularly effective if your natural waves have been pulled back into a man bun. An alternative trend-worthy style that works well on diamond face shapes includes quiff or pompadour styles with taper fades. Celebrities like Wentworth Miller from Prison Break wear this look well to soften their strong jawline.

Oblong Face Shapes

Men with oval face shapes often benefit from having a buzz cut, as it accentuates their facial structure while giving off a solid and masculine vibe. Furthermore, this hairstyle offers versatility as men can experiment with various styles depending on their preferences and hair texture.

Wentworth Miller, best known as Michael Scofield in the hit TV series Prison Break, favors the buzz cut. His signature style features longer hair on top to add volume and movement while keeping his sides shorter for a balanced look.

Chubby face shapes may struggle with traditional buzz cuts, as they tend to emphasize their large forehead and diminish natural angles. Instead, these individuals often succeed with fade or undercut variations that feature shorter hair on the sides and longer on top. This creates contrast and gives off a slimmer effect than opting for a buzz cut.