A Man’s Guide to a Business Haircut

A business haircut is a solution for those seeking to look both sophisticated and professional. This sleek hairstyle exudes professionalism while being easily styled back for an imposing finish.

Buzz Cut

As a busy man on the go, a buzz cut is a quick and effortless way to look your best while spending less time grooming. To add style flair, ask your barber to keep some length on top – this will create a defined contrast that complements skin fade for an even more significant impact! Pair this stylish style with facial stubble for a casual yet elegant appearance. Otherwise known as disconnected style, this haircut makes an excellent statement piece and should fit well for bold men who understand proportions!

Crew Cut

Professional guys looking their best at work often prefer a classic crew cut. This cut features a short back and sides while leaving more length on top for an eye-catching appearance. A taper fade can also give this haircut an added sense of definition. Curly locks make an ideal companion to this style, as they can be kept short and neat while showing off their natural texture. Incorporating a hard part is another popular trend that adds definition and visual interest to this ensemble.

Taper Cut

A simple taper haircut looks sharp and tight without taking up too much of your or your barber’s time. Its versatility also suits many hairstyles, from classic pompadours to contemporary high tops. Tapers and fades share some similarities in that both involve shortening hair on the back and sides of your head in short clips. However, taper cuts are gradual and may require abrupt cuts for a maximum dramatic impact. This style is an excellent option for business professionals who wish to look neat and professional, especially those with naturally curly or wavy locks. Ensure that enough pomade is applied to maintain control of all your strands.

Side Part

A side part is an adaptable style that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood, with minimal maintenance necessary – just keeping a high-shine pomade on hand will do. Millennials prefer this style because it allows them to flip their hair back and forth throughout the day, whereas Gen Zers may perceive this style as an indicator of getting older and may prefer middle parting instead. No matter your face shape, a side part will look flattering on you. Pair it with a complex piece fade for an impressive, formal, and polished look.

Long Hair

No matter the length or texture of your locks, you can still make an effective business statement with an appropriate haircut. A famous example is this slicked-back style which works great with various facial hair and beard styles. Another timeless classic, a taper fade is an office-ready style that never goes out of fashion and pairs beautifully with side parts. Additionally, a curly business cut with a swoopy ear tuck can give men with naturally curly or wavy locks an excellent style and mature look that will turn heads!